March 09, 2015

Typographic Chocolate Celebrates Letterforms

Check out these intricately designed chocolate bars featuring edible typography designed by students from the University of Applied Sciences Berlin which also comprises packaging and presentation.


Typographic Chocolate are dedicated to the Museum of Letters in Berlin, dedicated to preserving and documenting letterforms.


The bars of chocolate covered in typography are handmade in Berlin from the finest Belgian chocolate and include both a milk and dark chocolate version, with the milk chocolate bar containing 33.6 percent cocoa and the dark chocolate bar containing 56 percent.


They are covered in letterforms, with a simple label around the center and clear wrapping. The chocolate bars are presented in a wooden display box with letterforms carved into it, continuing the theme of the chocolate and the reference to the museum.


The chocolate serves as a souvenir of Berlin and the museum, that could be sold at a fairly low price, and was reproducible either in small editions or series production.



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