July 29, 2021

Ways To Spice Up Your Mexican-Inspired Dish

When you’re creating a Mexican-inspired dish, you can add certain elements to make it spicy. Learn some creative additives for your meal here.

Nothing is worse than hosting someone from another country and not feeling like a good host because you weren’t able to serve their favorite meal to their liking. And when you’re making a Mexican-inspired meal based on a family recipe, certain ingredients may be missing because the recipe has been passed on verbally. Here are some common ingredients to add to Mexican dishes, including paprika, cumin, oregano, and the versatile spice we all love named chile!


The best way to spice up your Mexican-inspired dish is with chili. It comes in many forms, ranging from powder and salt to flakes. It’s a great spice to add to dishes with fruit or cheese. In addition, it can flavor the bases for sauces and stews. A few everyday meals in which chili is found include chiles en nogada, chile relleno, chile verde, and chile colorado!


Oregano is the most common herb used to spice up any Mexican-inspired dish. You can find it in tacos, stews, and chilis as well as cooked with meats and beans. If you want to use Mexican oregano but cannot find it, a suitable replacement would be lemon verbena.


Cumin takes traditional Mexican dishes to Tex-Mex because of the blend of conventional Mexican flavors and a Middle Eastern additive. Cumin gives off a bitter toast taste; you can often find it in fajitas as well as in Middle Eastern foods such as hummus.


Paprika is a great spice to use for marinating meat and adding some additional spice to your meal. You can find this spice in stews and taco seasoning. However, it’s best heated with oil to allow you to experience all its complex flavors.


A way to spice up your Mexican-inspired dishes for dessert is to add cinnamon. It’s a fantastic replacement for sugar. Some dishes in which cinnamon is often used include horchata, churros, and mole sauce. You’re now prepared for guests from that region or for when you want to try some inspiring recipes!


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