November 04, 2014

Welcome Chef Ramsay in Your Own Kitchen

Imagine Chef Gordon Ramsay standing right in the middle of your kitchen shouting and being all mean... or any other of your favourites...Well, you can now bring some of that temper home if you wish!


Designed by Teerapol O-charoen, the Humaleon System is able to project holograms of world-famous chefs right into their kitchen, either as assistants, or for added motivation.


Made of Polybutadiene, which is heatproof and waterproof, the Humaleon System is also capable of giving detailed ingredient lists, recipes and in-depth tutorials. The sensors can also detect and measure exact portions of ingredients. Once the dish is prepared, the user can upload photographs of their creation directly on to a social network and compare their recipes and dishes with others.

Categories: Food Gadgets Appliances


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