November 28, 2022

What Are the Most Commonly Produced Grains in the US?

The most commonly produced grains in the US are corn, soybeans, barley, and oats. Out of all these, corn is the most popular and most commonly used.

Understanding the United States Agricultural business can help with food production business. Whether you own a restaurant, store, or company that outsources protein, it’s important to know what crops have a monopoly on the industry. Read here if you want to learn what are the most commonly produced grains in the US.


The number one leading grain is corn. It’s the largest agricultural crop produced in the US. It originated 2000 years ago. Corn plays a vital role in the US economy today. Between the years 2015-2019, corn produced 14 billion bushels. Its primary growing areas are Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, Minnesota, and Kansas.

Corn’s popularity has a lot to do with various ways of usage. Corn can feed for human and animal consumption, but the grain goes beyond food. You can find corn ingredients in antibiotics, aspirin, cosmetics, and other pharmaceutical products.


Farmers first started to produce and cultivate soybeans in the 1800s. The US takes over 35 percent of the world’s total soy. You’ll see this grain mostly grown in Iowa, Illinois, and Minnesota. Between the years 2015-2019, soybeans produced 4 billion bushels.

The best time for harvest is between late September through October. Soybeans can be used for human consumption, but you mainly see them used for livestock purposes. They help to keep the livestock well-fed and nourished. However, you will see them make an appearance in some candy, tofu, and soymilk.


Most people don’t know what barley is, but it’s actually the oldest cultivated grain. Barley has been around for close to 10,000 years, making an introduction as early as 8000 BCE. It has several different uses too.

Barley can get be used for producing malt, human food, and livestock feed. With its several uses and long history, it’s important to understand its grain quality. You’ll get the most out of the crop with better competency. Barley is a short-season crop, and it mainly grows in Idaho, Montana, and North Dakota.


Most people enjoy oats for their cereal or granola bars. There are several different combinations of this grain to create some delicious meals and snacks. Additionally, oats are highly nutritious for humans and animals.

The most common use for oats is oatmeal. After thoroughly crushing up the oats and rolling them around, you’ll notice the flakes produced that so many people use for porridge. For oats to grow properly, they need to be in a cool and wet environment, with a few sunny days in between.

The best places for them are Dakota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, and Texas. It’s ideal for your supplier to reside in one of these locations.

There are few other commonly produced grains in the US, but these control the largest percentage of the agricultural business.

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