July 15, 2015

What Does Facebook Taste Like as a Beer?

How would you imagine the taste of Facebook as a beer? Or an iMac maybe? The guys at Printsome t-shirt printing agency in the UK came up with an idea of translating the personalities certain brands into a beer and imagining what each would taste like.


"How would Facebook’s personality translate into a beer brand? Wooow… our right side of the brain wouldn’t stop sparkling! So many questions were on the table: how would the label be? Would they have a slogan? Alcohol level? Who would drink it? And… What would Apple’s, Nike’s or, for example, Arsenal’s be? Fear not as we have answered all those questions brilliantly."

Let's see what Facebook tastes like... and an iMac

Facebrew: A beer to connect everyone: There’s no need to say more, simply clever, a beer to connect everyone… Modern but classic, blue and social. I imagine its flavour would be slightly bittersweet, very refreshing and somehow exciting. I’m sure it’s the typical beer everyone’d like. A blonde, average alcohol level.

iBeer: Drink Differently: Simple and clean, pure beer with apple essence. Now it’s when you say: “So it’s cider”, No mate, it’s different, it’s something new, a perfect combination of beer and apple. I conceptualise it as a lighter beer, organic.


This way the team adapted famous non-brewed brands into beer brands while maintaining their core, which is what made them become icons,  and beer-shaping their slogans along with making some up. Here we go with this beery version of super famous brands! Check the whole collection here.

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