July 16, 2019

What Makes An Albarino Wine Stand Out?

Let's start with the basics, if France is the best wine producers in the world, then Spain finished second and technically since the word" best" is subjective, I can safely say that I prefer wine from Spain because I know nothing can beat their wine quality and style. But for those who are not entirely familiar with Albarino, let me lay down some basic things you need to know about this one. (By Scarlett Wells)

Knowing Albarino

This is an extraordinary variety that is unique to the country of Spain. It is  Albariño or Cainho Branco if the producers are from the region of Galicia in Spain and it is Alvarinho if the producers are from the northwest part of Portugal. They are the same variety with different names. Traditionally, this variety has naturally grown around tree trunks and branches, but farmers saw a lot of potential in bettering their chances with this variety. So they adapted to the universal way of growing grapes via wire training to produce more harvest. With this method, they can produce more wines each year, and they can easily manipulate the vines and a more natural way to harvest the wine grapes. 

This variety adapts well with the climate in this continent. The intermediate weather gives the vineyards enough sunlight for nourishment, and the soil contents of the said place play well with the demands of the vines. A very compatible pair that contributes to the wine as it becomes one of the best in the world. This variety is an important grape among the said places; in fact, a good Albarino wineis one of the most in-demand around the globe. So now, let's read on and take a sip of this wine through the different senses because this wine might be your new favorite. 

Lagar de Cervera Albarino Rias Baixas 2017 ― From the region of Rias Baixas, I present you one of their masterpieces that will surely enlighten those palates. This wine will surely give you a fresh new perspective. This Albarino WIne is best with pasta, salads, shellfish, snacks, and appetizers. It offers that tropical fruit flavors from apples and peaches, it is also a crisp wine with citrus and floral aroma. You'll never doubt about trying this one as this wine is well-recognized by world-class critics like Decanter World Wine Awards and International Wine Challenge. This is a wine for a warm day.

La Marea Kristy Vineyard Albarino 2018 ― If you want something out of the extraordinary, something new but will surely invigorate your spirits, then this is the wine for you. This wine is best with fatty fish, pork, and shellfish. It has the delicate touch of tropical, citrus flavors with mineral notes and the beautiful aromas of Californian White flower and pear. It has a high acidity paired with a great texture and a long finish that will surely spark those taste buds. 

Eladio Pineiro Envidia Cochina Tete de Cuvee Albarino 2017 ― A classical Albarino Wine sought by merchants and avid wine drinkers around the globe. This is one excellent fine wine; you should never miss out. This is one of the great productions of Adega Familiar Eladio Pineiro that is best with pasta, shellfish, salads, fatty fish and snacks. The wine has flavors of honey and grapefruit; it is a bucket of sweetness. In the nose, it is delicate with notes of minerality and lemon aromas. This is one of a kind wine you'll surely need to try. It has the right amount of acidity combined with a great texture — one of the best Albarino Wine, a must-try.

Compania de Vinos Trico Trico Albarino 2013 ― One of the most popular Albarino wines in the world is Compania de Vinos Trico Trico Albarino 2013. This wine is enchanting not only in the palate but also in the nose. If you want to try a traditional Albarino Wine, go with this one. Compania de Vinos Trico Trico Albarino 2013 is a very eccentric wine that is best with pasta, shellfish, lean fish and other salads. It has a creamy texture with a taste of honey and tropical citrus fruits, in the nose it is a wonder, it has floral, earthy aromas with a hint of petroleum. This is one addicting wine that will surely thrill your senses.

Palacio de Fefinanes Albarino 2017 ― A great wine made by and for the divinity. An excitement both in the nose and mouth, you do not want to miss this one. This classical Albarino Wine is highly in demand around the globe and is quite famous for its excellent taste. It has the exquisite flavors of peach, pear, and melon with hints of citrus, vanilla, and honeysuckle. A gentle fragrance with peach, pear, and melon aromas on the nose that will surely enlighten your senses is one of the wine properties. It has medium acidity, body, and alcohol content that will surely leave your palates astounded with a long aftertaste. Don't miss this one out.





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