December 11, 2018

When Life Gives You Lemons... OCTO Squeeze Them

When life gives you lemons, Octo will help you turn them into lemonade!
Octo, as its name suggests, a citrus reamer inspired by the shape of an octopus. This playful twist on an old kitchen favorite, follow the theme of the challenge being Fun Follows Function.


The trusty addition from Ototo Design, to your kitchen arsenal and a playful piece for your home, Octo squeezes every last drop from your citrus fruits to flavor your drinks and dishes. With the twisting tentacles forming the reaming ridges and the head at an ergonomic angle, working the pulp with Octo is a dream.
Looking at existing citrus reamers, the octopus concept almost made itself. The designers worked out a way to abstract the shape enough to be immediately recognizable but simplified enough to be moldable in one piece. With a 3D printed model, they could iterate the design until they were happy with both the functionality and the looks.
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