November 21, 2012

Yellow Table, Lebanon (Restaurant Closed)

Like we have said times before, the Dbayeh area in Lebanon now boasts a number of unique restaurants. One that recently caught my attention is Yellow Table - which is part of Origami Academy, an activities center for both adults and children alike.

Although I didn't get the chance to try their food yet, I stopped for a quick latte just to satisfy my curiosity as I pass by it often, but never got the chance to actually experience it.

From the outside, architecturally, the place looks amazingly modern. I stepped into the Yellow Table and was amazed by the original decor and architecture of the place. Huge cloud like chandeliers welcome you into a multilevel space... The place is spacious with different corners and seating arrangements that will meet any needs. A lot of interesting design details to enjoy - the mirrors, colored seating areas, raw grey walls, little bookshelf, the bar area, the dangling lights...

I checked their menu, an interesting variety of international cuisine... I enjoyed the place as I sipped into their tasty Latte and will be coming back soon for a full review...


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