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Yotel: A Surprising Escape in New York
Non-smokers friendly

I booked this hotel, last minute, pretty much by mistake! And what a choice! One of the most surprising hotels I’ve been to! Inspired by luxury travel and a touch of Japanese influence, nothing around here is conventional! You check in on computers, have robots sorting your luggage, purple lighting everywhere, rooms are called cabins.


They were designed based on airline cabin specs, the bed moves like your airline chair, everything is minimalist in the room, every square centimeter is used. An app with events happening at the hotel, a large terrace (one of the prettiest I’ve seen in New York), a convivial living space, and a nice Mediterranean restaurant.


Let’s start with the room:

  • A real cabin, small space, super good usage of the space: a bed that when fully reclined, uses the whole room!
  • A tiny bathroom, small shower, sink, mirror, TV and that’s about it.
  • But then when you look closer, you find a safe, an iron board next to the TV, a desk next to the bed, a hairdryer.
  • There are no closets, but shelves to place your items spread all over the room; under the TV and around it, next to the door. Unbelievable usage of space!
  • And then you have an awesome view of New York that makes you feel on top of the world!

I loved the details, a small space for a tray, many plugs for electrical and usb options, super fast internet, many channels and you can even connect to your Netflix account in seconds.

It is actually everything you need in a small space.

The terrace is pretty cool, colorful, fresh, great view. Different kinds of seatings, couches, mattresses, chairs, a nice bar serving all kinds of cocktails and alcoholic drinks.


Now, breakfast!

  • Breakfast is located on the 4th floor where all the living spaces are, it is served in the Mediterranean restaurant of the hotel; Green Fig.
  • A la carte menu, breakfast not being included in the room rate and you cannot charge it to your room bill.
  • Few eggs and healthy options.
  • The place is properly lit, nice usage of couches, tables, wood.
  • I ordered an egg benedict (of course!) and a yogurt parfait to feel healthy!


Let’s eat! Coffee is served in a glass cup. Very good one, not too acidic, the way I like it. The egg benedict! Well, I’ve had egg benedict pretty much everywhere in the world. I’ve never seen one like this! It comes on a rectangular bamboo plate, everything being as green as possible at this hotel. A square brioche toasted to perfection with a circle cut in the middle. In this bowl, you will find spinach and the eggs on top, covered with the hollandaise sauce in an emulsion form. It looks weird but tasted great. The toast crunch, the eggs melting, the spinach for a splash of greens, it was very very good!

Surprising, but good! The Yoghurt parfait is more conventional! A nice yogurt, not too sweet, granola and red fruits: strawberries, blackberries, blueberries. A nice way to end the meal.

Overall, a very nice stay. Different than traditional hotels, still at 300$ a night, the only comparable thing with other NY hotels! But worth checking, for the unique experience!

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