September 17, 2017 Metn Mount Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

"Zaatar Manouche" in a Box

A cylindrical transparent box of Manakish: A box? Manakish? Served cold? Yes, it's indeed something interesting...


I discovered this unique creation in 2013 and still enjoy the same quality carefully produced every single morning in Bickfaya.

Each box contains a dozen of these tasty appetizers. Thin like paper and richly covered with fresh Zaatar (local wild thyme), these crunchy crispy flat bread pieces are to die for. The box: "bi Bickfaya" by Abou Roland. A nice simple "b" logo along with a sketch of a Lebanese man with his moustache and a phone number.


Grab one, bite into it and feel the ultimate in flavor that lies behind every crunchy piece. With every crunch comes a strong and rich taste of Zaatar. Clean Zaatar, crushed into tiny particles smaller than sand, mixed with olive oil and sesame seed to create a soft paste that caresses your palate. A great point to mention here: they didn't give me heartburn! Enjoy them alone or with labneh, these manakish are addictive. If you are on a diet stay a hundred kilometers away from them because when you start you cannot stop until the box is totally devoured!


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