May 06, 2022


Due to the remarkable success of Zaroob’s newly launched one-metre dishes, the Levantine restaurant has decided to keep them on its menu for the foreseeable future. Known for serving up the city's most delicious Middle Eastern dishes, Zaroob has taken it a step further by launching a one-metre-long menu last month featuring shawarma and manakish. 

This one-metre-long shawarma is just what shawarma lovers dream of. Whether you are team chicken or team beef, Zaroob has something for you. Diners can choose between perfectly seasoned chicken or beef shawarma for AED 69, or they can get the best of both worlds by ordering half and half for AED 75.

In the Arab world, manoushe is a popular food that is loved by many; however, every individual has their own preferences with regards to the flavour. Therefore, Zaroob has launched a metre-long manoushe with six distinct flavours that is sure to tantalise every taste buds. Priced at AED 69, the manoushe is topped with Zaatar, Akkawi Cheese, Kashkaval Cheese, Soujok, Lahm Baajin and Kofta, and will surely satisfy different cravings. 

Diners can visit the vibrantly lit restaurant to relish in the metre-long deliciousness. These dishes are ideal for gatherings, will definitely keep everyone satisfied and are available all day long at both of Zaroob’s branches on Sheikh Zayed Road and Dubai Marina.

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