May 30, 2012

Coca-Cola's Special Limited Edition Olympics Bottle

Coca-Cola is my favorite beverage in the soft drinks department... I always say it and I always will.

Their creativity in their bottles have really been items to collect... from their designer aluminum bottles by Karl Lagerfeld and just recently with Jean Paul Gaultier  among others - and now with the Olympics fever ahead, here’s another beautifully designed aluminum bottle launched by Coca-Cola for Olympics this summer in London. Coca-Cola has produced a limited-edition bottle featuring the photography of London photographer Rankin -for the London Olympics 2012. The black-and-white bottle features a picture that “symbolizes the handover of the Summer Games from Beijing to London with a simple white rose between two hands,” Coca-Cola wrote in a statement. Beautiful I think!

Being a partner of the Olympics since Amsterdam 1928 Olympics, Coca-Cola is always taking a step further to make a difference. Also it is said that the company has also designed a new  limited edition aluminum bottle in Australia for the 2012 games. The bottle’s design feature yellow, blue, orange and black stripes on a red background; a Olympic torch image in white and the iconic Olympic rings. What do you think of Coke’s bottle designs for the London Olympics?  

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