February 07, 2017 Antelias Mount Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

La Petite Table: A Soothing and Enjoyable Breakfast (Restaurant Closed)

A ray of sunshine... a morning oozing calm and serenity... vibes of happiness and joy... a beautiful setup, light colors, a mouth watering display... where breakfast in Lebanon has another meaning... on this beautiful sunny morning, La Petite Table is where I'm starting my day.


Walk through the door before 9am, all the way down to the corner table occupying the left side of the restaurant. It's a square space where a bar and a glass covered terrace create a luxurious yet simple space guaranteed to put you in a good mood. The buffet is set, soft music plays in the background, I was ready to be transported.

The formula is simple: 

An open buffet; your choice of eggs; freshly squeezed juices and a coffee. Been here before and have returned to experience the eggs I marvelled at and could not forget.

Oh my Lord... they're good... they're really really good! The eggs are amazing! Sunny side up eggs with a molten feel and a flowing yolk mixed with premium chorizo, spiced inside out, and sautéed potatoes. A load of flavors explode in your mouth, the spiciness of the chorizo, the unique potatoes and finally the eggs. Other than being beautifully presented, this plate will surely make your heart skip a beat. Been to hundreds of fine breakfast places around the world and this dish could proudly rival any on their tables. Two thumbs up chef!


Juicy scrambled eggs, superb salmon, sour cream and caviar... I moaned, and moaned again... I smiled and smiled again... You just can't imagine what good food can do to me! I was breathing heavily! I closed my eyes, felt the moisture of the eggs, the beauty of the salmon, the lemon and the freshness of the cream. What a combination!

Buffet time; the best of all is surely the chocolate roll. A long rope of flaky dough rolled around itself with chocolate chips. Crunchy, flaky yet soft at the same time with a load of flavors. I was expecting the same feeling I had when I tried the croissant, which uses premium ingredients too but lacks flakiness and crunchiness. It's more chewy than it should be.


The Kouglof is spot on: 

Eye candy of a pastry melts like butter in your mouth. Sumptuous from the inside out, moist and soft at the same time, a beautiful item covered with powdered sugar.


A selection of cheese, ham, cold cuts and jams. Marmalades from Mymoune, olive oil from J.Groove, freshly pressed juices, bread and Danish pastries... you can find it all at the breakfast buffet at La Petite Table.

I love it here! I feel good at La Petite Table!


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