April 07, 2015 Lebanon Middle East

Maamoul: A Selection from Around the Country


Les Delices de B.B: My Favorite Maamoul this Season

Round in shape, good in size with fresh aromas... I thought about it again, and realized that their neat look may be something good. Take a break, take a deep breath and bite into one: "Amazement".  The dough is thin, not chewy and not hard -kind of sandy like a sable. It crumbles smoothly under your teeth while the filling starts activating all your taste buds. A filling that's moist, sweet and fresh. Walnuts, almonds and pistachios used are premium in quality making these Maamoul really unique. They're crushed to the appropriate size and mixed adequately with all those ingredients you expect to feel in a Maamoul. Wait until you've tried the tamer. Wow! The dough is so thin that it crushes under your teeth as you hold them, while the filling, moist and fresh appears awaiting to be devoured. The Tamer tastes great...That's what I call Maamoul.


Les Festives: Whole Wheat and Oat, Date Maamoul

A dough that crumbles under the teeth like a biscuit, a fresh dough that isn’t buttery or fatty and even though no sugar is added they're enjoyable as a midday snack. The tamer is fresh, lightly sweet, smooth and different than the ones I'd already tasted this year. Don't compare them with your average Tamer maamoul, those are healthier and different for sure.


Cakes&Cookies Maamoul: "La Recette de ma Mere"

I have to say, I liked the Tamer maamoul at Cakes&Cookies. Small in shape, enjoyed in two quick bites. A flaky dough that crumbles under the teeth dissipating like sand while the filling adds the sweetness you need. A paste carefully prepared with a number of additives to add texture and flavor. I loved it, but would add sugar powder on top to have an adequate sweetness that will leave a lasting taste around the mouth. Pistachio followed. The same sandy dough, sugar powder on top and chunks of green pistachio filling the core. I liked their size, good for two full bites, and enjoyed the fresh sandy dough and the filling that's simple and uncomplicated. The walnut ones are as good as the pistachio. The chunks' size is great. A good dough, interesting sweetness and a crunchy texture, also with sugar.


It's Maamoul Season: let's Try the Ones from Aziz

The fillings are tasty, the nuts are fresh, the ingredients are premium but what makes them even better, and maybe tricks your mind, is the sugar powder. Covered with sugar powder, the Maamoul have an enjoyable sweetness. Great pistachio, great walnuts, amazing almonds but the tamer (dates) are not as good as I’d expected them to be. Let's say I've had better. The dates are too low in quantity and they’re sour for a Maamoul. 


Guilt Free Maamoul do Exist... And They're Good

Now for the maamoul with dried dates (Tammer). These are great since the heart adds that missing sweetness. Sold for LBP40,000/kilo, they's moist and offer a better feel in your mouth. Fresh and flaky, these Mammoul are filled with a generous portion of condensed Tamer. I was amazed. These are my favorite of the three. A challenge they won indeed. Le Gabarit managed to create fresh Mammoul that are tasty, good looking and more importantly guilt-free.


A Recommended Discovery: Bread Basket

The maamoul: They're not your average maamoul but a new version for the next generation. Open the nylon bag where six square cookies await. Cookie dough that's lightly crunchy and a bit chewy at the same time, filled with smoothly crunched walnuts with a fine crisp where an enjoyable sweetness leaves a smile on your face. You'll enjoy it if you don't compare it with homemade maamoul, Try the ones topped with sugar powder. These maamoul last three months and you should know that this cookie doesn't contain animal fat (samneh).


A Tasty Discovery: Honey Maamoul from Nicolas Audi

Please allow me to introduce you to a unique dessert – something that can be enjoyed all year long. Round in shape and filled with the best honey this country has to offer, these bites are out of this world. An elastic consistency flows onto your tongue and will amaze you while you try to understand what’s happening to your taste buds. Crumbling in style, the dough, lighter than the others, is covered with powder sugar. How majestic! This is truly a creation of a Grand Chef.


Al Chidiac Wadi Chahrour: Amazing Maamoul

Walnuts, figs, bitter orange, almonds and tamer. A small portion of powdered sugar topping them and you’ll be enjoying some fine maamoul. I loved their simplicity, their aroma, their moist hearts, their crunchy envelope, and most importantly, their little added sugar. They are a bit too aromatic but I actually love that. One single bite and that’s guaranteed satisfaction.


Maamoul el Eid from Biscuit

I asked a friend of mine who lives in the Mansourieh area to get me some on his way to me. He came with three types of maamoul, one filled with Tamer, and another with Almonds and the third with Pistachio - filled in a nice box. The box is simple - the squared patterns are a reminder of the typical kitchen tablecloth. Green and white, I opened the box to some freshly baked goods...


Cookies'n'More: Maamoul Reinvented...

I can safely tell you that the maamoul at Cookies'n'More are amazingly tasty. I was introduced to these little colorful bites by pure coincidence at a friend’s house for lunch. You can't but look at them in awe as you start drooling. Perfectly crafted maamoul with hints of color are original to say the least. What I noticed was, that they are not covered with powder sugar, which normally covers up the real taste... especially when they are dull. It was a challenge.


Cheese Maamoul from Bab Sharki

Tasty appetizers, delicious lunch, awesome kebab an enjoyable ambiance... Now for a simple dessert that was breathtaking. Bab Sharki's cheese maamoul were different, full of taste, textures and flavors. I enjoyed their cheese maamoul which crumbles like a French sable as you bite into it to enjoy sweet cheese filling topped with powder sugar. No syrup needed.


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