June 30, 2012

MEA Airlines Joins SkyTeam Alliance: We Are Proud!

Middle East Airlines, the national airline of Lebanon, is one of the leading Middle Eastern carriers.

From its home base in Rafik Hariri International Airport in Beirut, Middle East Airlines flies to 30 international destinations in Europe, Middle East and West Africa. Since 2003 the airline has carried out an ambitious fleet renewal program, with the addition of four Airbus A330-200s and the acquisition of four Airbus A321s and nine Airbus A320s, which make up the current Middle East Airline fleet. Middle East Airlines (MEA) has officially become the 17th member of the global Skyteam airline alliance. The carrier, based in Beirut, is the second Middle Eastern carrier to join the alliance shortly after Saudi Arabia, formerly known as Saudi Arabian Airlines, joined last month. The addition of MEA, which was first announced last year, means passengers of all member carriers will have greater options for travel across Africa and the Middle East. Prior to joining Skyteam, the carrier launched a restructuring project that included fleet renewal and rationalisation, network expansion and enhancing the quality of its product. Passengers who are part of frequent flyer programmes on other Skyteam member airlines will also be able to earn and redeem miles on MEA services, while those in MEA's Cedar Miles can do the same on other member airlines.

SkyTeam, the global airline alliance partnering seventeen members, gives frequent business travelers more flexibility and more choices for international travel.

SkyTeam will offer the following advantages to all MEA customers:

  • Earning miles for their flights with any SkyTeam airline, and their redemption with any member airline
  • Free access to 503 lounges all over the world.
  • Guaranteed booking for SkyTeam Elite Plus members, even on flights which are sold out.
  • More than 14,800 daily flights to 983 destinations in 178 countries.
  • More fare options to a greater number of destinations.
  • An extensive worldwide network of access points on the flights of SkyTeam alliance members.
  • SkyTeam members use simplified check-in, thinking of passengers comfort.
  • There is only one check-in for flights with a transfer.
  • Information at any SkyTeam office anywhere in the world.

  We are confident that a huge improvement will occur.  






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