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Antonine University Spring Festival 2018: Souk el Akel, Zahle!
May 16, 2018

Zahle here we come... two days of endless fun, entertainment, great food ideas and the Universite Antonine Job Fair.


Ramadan Kareem





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On the Busiest Highway in Lebanon: Zalka-Jal el Dib

A7la Balad Bel 3alam

January 07, 2018 | Mount Lebanon

Flying over the busiest highway in Lebanon where more than 400,000 cars pass every day. Check out the photos.  

This is LEBANON!

A7la Balad Bel 3alam

September 17, 2017 | Mechwar Videos | Middle East

Lebanon, officially known as the Lebanese Republic, is a sovereign state in Western Asia. It is bordered by Syria to the north and east and Israel to the south, while Cyprus is west across…

La Gomme à Mâcher: Air France's Inflight Exclusive Gum


July 13, 2017

As all travellers know, take-off and landing can sometimes cause pain in the ears. The cabin pressure varies and can block passengers' ears. The chewing action is enough to balance this internal ear pressure and make the travel experience more…

'The Flying Burger' with British Airways


June 01, 2014 | Airlines

British Airways will next month add its first "specially created" gourmet burger to its first class bistro menu. The "Flying Burger" has been developed by a team of chefs using three different cuts of British beef — chuck, cheek and…

With Etihad You Can Lounge and Have Your Butler


May 05, 2014 | Airlines

Etihad, the Abu Dhabi-based national carrier of the United Arab Emirates, has created the closest thing to having you own private jet on its commercial flights. It’s called ‘The Residence’ – a 11.6-square-metres (125ft sq) 3-room upper-deck cabin on…

Hostesses Need to Fly


April 11, 2014

Few days ago, I read an interesting article, written by a positive thinking person on how hard is the Hostess job. This woman, serving people of which some are too arrogant, others have the fear of flying or those who are impolite and arrogant. Miss…

Love Cloud: What Happens in the Sky Stays in the Sky!

Spotted Stories

April 08, 2014

Have you heard of the Love Cloud? Imagine stepping into a plane all to yourself, only with your loved one, and find a comfortable custom cabin with pillows, cushions and blankets to relax on... fly high and enjoy the ultimate intimacy from…

WestJet Airlines Christmas Miracle: Real-time Giving...


December 13, 2013 | Travel

In a video released Monday, Calgary-based airline WestJet sets up electronic Santa chat boxes in terminals at the Hamilton and Toronto airports. Travelers giggle at the chance to talk live with Santa through a screen, and parents and kids…

Inside the Cockpit: An Indescribable Experience


July 01, 2013 | Travel

We all have a secret wishlist that includes the things we hope to experience at least once in our lives. Seeing the inside of a cockpit is one of the things on my list and I finally got the chance to experience it… On board MEA I was luckily…

Get the Hint MEA: Vivienne Westwood Redesigns Virgin Atlantic Uniforms


May 07, 2013

With the help of fashion genius Dame Vivienne Westwood will be redesigning the legendary Virgin Atlantic's red uniform. The acclaimed designer is introducing glamor to flights through the creation of new looks for the company’s uniform…

Aeroflot Moscow's Airport: The Jazz Lounge


September 16, 2012 | Travel | Russia

Amazing! A beautiful lounge that should be featured in the design section. The Jazz lounge is a piece of design wonder which acts as a relaxing therapeutic session before any trip. The details are so nice and perfectly finished. Imagine the…

MEA Airlines Joins SkyTeam Alliance: We Are Proud!


June 30, 2012 | News

Middle East Airlines, the national airline of Lebanon, is one of the leading Middle Eastern carriers. From its home base in Rafik Hariri International Airport in Beirut, Middle East Airlines flies to 30 international destinations in Europe,…

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