May 07, 2013

Get the Hint MEA: Vivienne Westwood Redesigns Virgin Atlantic Uniforms

With the help of fashion genius Dame Vivienne Westwood will be redesigning the legendary Virgin Atlantic's red uniform. The acclaimed designer is introducing glamor to flights through the creation of new looks for the company’s uniform across all areas, retaining the airline’s visual style. I truly hope MEA reads this and maybe gets the hint.


Vivienne Westwood has stuck to her signature colors – reds and black – delivering a range of well tailored, figure hugging suits, with no tartan to be seen. The women’s outfit includes a waist-cinching jacket with a “cheeky dart and double pleat at the back”, while the men’s is a three-piece suit made from rich burgundy wool.


It’s the fourth time the crew uniform has been changed since Virgin Atlantic’s inception 30 years ago. From the very start, the company aims to bring glamor to flights, and uniform is one of the channels to communicate it. It's official now. Looking cheap and unfashionable on board is unacceptable. A change in our Uniforms is a must...  

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