October 15, 2019


This collection of light recipes will surely satisfy your need for a sweet tooth without compromising the tasty flavors we all love. All recipes are prepared in an easy and fast way to help you replicate them whenever you feel the need for your family and friends. They will surely be impressed.


My Smoothies: Fruit and vegetable-based smoothies help in hydrating your body and providing many vitamins and minerals. !You can freeze all fruits before blending for a thicker texture. !Save time by preparing the ingredients and storing them in the freezer in plastic bags. The next time you crave a smoothie, it will be ready in no time!

My Brownies: Don’t overbeat the eggs as this introduces too much air into the batter, causing the brownies to be more cake-like and less dense. Store them in an airtight containing up to 3 days or in the refrigerator for up to 5 days. !If you must use glass or dark colored pans, reduce the oven temperature by a couple of degrees as they can cause the edges to overbake or burn.

Maya Nahoul started her career as a dietitian and fitness enthusiast, but always had a passion for baking and cooking. She followed her dreams and wrote her first light desserts cookbook because she feels that everyone should indulge in yummy desserts without feeling guilty afterward. She currently runs her own catering kitchen, believing that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind and life.

The book can be found at:
- Librairie Antoine
- Librairie Stephan
- Virgin Megastore
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