November 01, 2015

Stoli Unveils New Bottle Design

Stolichnaya Premium vodka has unveiled a new bottle design, highlighting contemporary and premium cues whilst remaining true to the brand’s iconic and longstanding heritage.


Stoli will roll out this striking new design across the assortment, which includes Stolichnaya Flavoured Premium vodka, Stolichnaya 100 Proof and Stolichnaya Gold. The new design is an evolution of the original but with significant upgraded features including:

  • a taller and more elegant bottle
  • an anti-slip embossing on the neck that improves both pouring and control for bartenders
  • a state of the art capsule with anti-counterfeit and anti-refill technology
  • a revised front and back label, highlighting Stolichnaya’s use of Certified Alpha Grade spirit – the highest quality level a spirit can reach
  • a new, ‘craft’ label texture, refined medals and a beautiful, bold upgrade of the main Stolichnaya logo

“The Stolichnaya bottle has been iconic for several generations, and now it’s the time for Stoli – as it is affectionately known – to make a new bold statement in claiming its position as THE Vodka.” comments Rob Cullins, CEO Stoli Group.

‘The Vodka,’ is a title celebrated by Stoli as a brand that has pioneered the vodka category since its inception. Stolichnayawas the original premium imported vodka in the United States, the first vodka brand in space, the first brand to launch flavoured vodkas in the 1960s and has been enjoyed by party-goers all over the world ever since.

“Stoli has a long and proud history of vodka distilling. It has always been about the liquid: maintaining the original bold character and perfecting the unsurpassed Alpha quality. Our vision with the new Stoli packaging is to reflect what’s inside the bottle and the brands substance and heritage. We deliberately seek to contrast today’s superficial vodka category.” says Lars Vestbirk, Marketing Director for Stolichnaya and adds “I will be proud to see this in the hands of bartenders around the world.”

The new bottle will be on shelves and available during end of 2015 and early 2016.

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