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Souk el Akel: Lebanon's Street Food Market Kicks Its Summer Season
Jun 17, 2018

Eat, Meet, Greet and Treat yourself to the very best culinary experiences Lebanon has to offer! At Souk el Akel you'll find edible delights to suit all tastes and…


Souk el Akel: Lebanon's Street Food Market Kicks Its Summer Season





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Together We Can Create a Brighter Future: Earth Hour 2017


March 19, 2017

Together we can create a brighter future. ​Join the #EarthHour movement today at http://earthhour.org/climateaction to #ChangeClimateChange.

Be an Agent of Change: Protect the Environment!


June 05, 2016

We all live in the same world, we share the same home. For my kids and yours please take care of our home. "Think twice..." World Environment Day (WED) is the United Nations’ most important day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action…

Nature Needs Help!


June 05, 2016

Nature doesn’t need people. People need nature. Our food, our water, our health, our jobs — they all rely on the health of the planet’s ecosystems. Julia Roberts, Harrison Ford, Kevin Spacey, Edward Norton, Penélope Cruz,…

Environment Friendly: Ocean-Safe Beer Six-Pack Rings

Spotted Stories

May 29, 2016

Down in Florida, the Saltwater Brewery has come up with a seemingly no-brainer solution to one of the more distressing environmental issues of the day—plastics in the ocean. Marine animals, including birds, are killed every year by…

First Coca-Cola Bottle Made Entirely from Plants


June 06, 2015

Coca-Cola unveiled the world’s first PET plastic bottle made entirely from plant materials at the World Expo 2015 - Milan. PlantBottle™ packaging pushes the boundaries on sustainable innovation by using groundbreaking technology to…

Edible Water Drops: Yes They Exist...


April 03, 2014

If you're an advocate for saving the environment, then these edible water drops may help play a part in avoiding the ever-growing pile of plastic water bottles in landfills? Inspired by techniques from molecular gastronomy, three London-based…

Self-Cleaning Subway Strap Protects Against Gross Germs


March 24, 2014

Studies have shown that the subway is littered with bacteria, from Enterococcus to Streptococcus (that's poop and disease-causing bacteria, respectively). Various forms of these bacteria can cause illnesses, especially when trapped in an enclosed…

No Words Needed: This 6 Minutes Short Film Will Leave You Speechless

Spotted Stories

August 20, 2013

La surconsommation désigne un niveau de consommation situé au-dessus de celui des besoins normaux ou d'une consommation moyenne. Image provenant du film Samsara : Samsara est un mot tibétain qui signifie la roue de la…

Happy Earth Day 2012: Let's Make a Difference at Least on this Day!


April 21, 2012

Happy Weekend and Earth Day! In honor of Mother Nature's biggest day of the year, I'm going to try and consume less meat. I will try at least on Earth Day to refrain from eating any kind of meat to reduce my carbon footprint. A carbon footprint is…

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