March 16, 2019

Big Brands Join the 'Loop Project' to Reduce Consumer Waste

Some of the world’s biggest brands are joining the Loop project. The aim of this project, which will launch in May 2019, is to offer customers refillable, reusable packaging, such as glass or stainless steel containers, instead of the standard, disposable options that add to the Earth’s mounting consumer waste.


Big names such as Nestlé’s Häagen-Dazs ice cream, PepsiCo’s Quaker and Tropicana, Unilever’s Dove, Degree, AXE, P&G company such Pantene, Tide, Ariel, Febreze, Oral-B, Gillette, Pampers and Always... are joining the initiative.

How it works?

Loop allows customers to order products by participating brands through a retail website. Customers have to put up a fully refundable deposit for the reusable packaging before the products are delivered to their doorstep inside a reusable tote bag. After the products are consumed, the reusable packagings are placed back into the tote bag, which is collected by a UPS driver. The packagings do not have to be cleaned prior to collection, after which the full deposit will be reissued to the customer. If the shopper fails to make the packaging return, he or she will lose their deposit.

Launching in May a pilot project involving 5,000 shoppers living in New York City and Paris who have signed up for the program in advance. By end 2019, Loop aims to expand to London, before reaching cities such as Toronto, Tokyo, and San Francisco by 2020. If successful, Loop intends to bring more partners and brands on board, with eco-friendly reusable packaging alternatives hitting store shelves.

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