June 29, 2014

What Your Drink Of Choice Says About You

What’s your favorite drink to have? It could be a mimosa or a glass of wine. Whatever your deal is, the type of drink you choose can say a lot about the type of person you are. Buzzfeed got together a “A rowdy group of social drinkers and former bartenders” to discuss this very subject. The comments, I must say, are pretty hilarious. Who knew that drink choices could be so telling?

What Your Drink Of Choice Says About You

“People drink absinthe to feel cool and ~ edgy ~.” Bailey’s is for college kids who learned how to drink from their dad.” A beer and a shot is for someone who knows what is what.” “People who like Bloody Marys are beautiful.” Campari and soda is for people who are going places.” “I think champagne is for people who are really good at finding online shopping deals. Like, their shoes are NICE but they didn’t pay too much.” Cognac is some classy fucking shit.” “Has anyone had a daiquiri since the 1960s?” Fernet is pretension in a glass.”

What Your Drink Of Choice Says About You 2

Flaming drinks remind me of being a wide-eyed teen with hope for the future.” Hennessy is such a uncle drink.” Manhattans are a late-twenties drink. Maybe early thirties. You’re trying to be an adult and you want people to know it.” Margaritas are for perpetual spring breakers.” Mojitos are the official drink of Fun People.” Martinis are for someone with taste and a sense of budget.” Red Bull and vodka = cool bro who’s too scared to really ‘party’ aka score drugs.” Tequila is for dancing.” Vodka sodas are for people who think their body is some kind of temple.” Wine is for drinking alone and feeling fabulous about it.” Check out the complete list with their pictures on BuzzFeed





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