February 17, 2013 Lebanon Middle East

2012: Best Burger in Lebanon


I love burgers to an extend of eating those little pieces of heaven every day. But a good burger needs passion and knowhow to be achieved. Is is not as simple as you might imagine. Check out the  best 10 burgers I have, of which some are over-priced but worth it.  

Frosty Palace, Mar Mikhael Upon entering the Frosty Palace Mar Mikhael, a nice pleasant cooking smell welcomes you and this is where your culinary journey starts. Frosty Palace is a small place with only three diner style booth tables, frosty-like blue leather sofas, neon lights, a bar with stools, in a calm and very cozy ambiance embraced by a »more…

Latest Version Diner, Dbayeh Do you think that you have experienced the best diner in town? Do you think that you have tasted the best diner burger already? Well, think again! Latest Version Diner or LVD is the latest diner to open on the Dbayeh highway, an area in Lebanon now booming with restaurants. You are welcomed with a »more…

Sweet Tea, Beirut Souks Sweet Tea is Yannick Alleno’s concept of a refined inviting space. Imagine stepping into a place deliciously colored to the extent that awakens a multitude of sugary cravings, and yet feels so light and aerial. Now, imagine a tea room that looks timeless, comfortably simple, with just the right amount of sophistication. Visualize an absolute »more…

Julia's, Le Mall Sin EL Fil My last visit to Julia’s to its first branch on AbdelWahab street in Beirut was more than two years ago. Since then, the Food and Beverage industry in Lebanon has gone through many changes leading to a country with more than 400 restaurants. Where does Julia’s stand? (Read More)

The Gordon's cafe, Le Gray Hotel Chic, trendy, cosmopolitan and casual, the Gordon's Cafe, located in Five Star Le Gray Hotel,  is the perfect place for a delicious breakfast, a light lunch or a smooth afternoon tea on the sidewalk, amidst the bustling Beirut Central District. (Read More)

The Classic Burger Joint, Beirut The more I visit The Classic Burger Joint the more I feel I want to come back again to enjoy their signature burgers. Simple yet tasty, the Classic Burger Joint has become a reference in town, providing unique and simple non-sophisticated burgers at a reasonable price. At Classic Burger Joint, expect to eat a real »more…

Crepaway Diner I was really happily amazed to the extent that I went back to Crepaway three times in a row in the last two weeks. I loved every inch of the experience starting from the welcoming hostesses, the happy and professional waiters, the colorful and perfectly designed new menu, the great choice of items, the cleanliness and the general ambiance. I never thought that Crepaway will revive one day. (Read More)

Roadster Diner As I  have already mentioned several times before in past reviews, Roadster has always been one of my favorite diners in town. I believe that the service, the food, the ambiance and always striving to change and innovate are but a few key elements that contributed to the success of Roadster Diner. (Read More)

The Brgr. Co, Abdel Wahab, Achrafieh My love for burgers is inevitable. Where there’s a good burger, I am there… Where there’s a new place that serves burgers am the first to try… I can safely say that Brgr Co. takes you on a unique Burger experience… (Read More)

The Gathering, Butcher Grill, Gemmayze The Gathering is one of the newest restaurants in town located in the lower level of the Gemmayze street of Beirut. The project is a grouping of three door-­to-­door traditional Lebanese houses rehabilitated into an Italian cookery, a bar cellar and a butcher grill gathered around a central courtyard. (Read More)






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