December 10, 2013 Lebanon Middle East

2013: Best Breakfast at Five Star Hotels in Lebanon


  I think by now you have realized my 'love' for having breakfast at a hotel. Every time I step into a hotel in any country, I just dream of the morning after and imagine what their breakfast buffet would be. I imagine their selection, their ways of preparing eggs benetict, choices of bread, croissants, cheese, cold cuts and so much... until I fall asleep... In Lebanon, I may not have the chance to sleep at the hotels I have tried, but I have made it a point to wake up early and tour around the country's five star hotels just to try their breakfast.  Join me on my journey to discover Lebanon's best breakfasts in five star hotels.  

1- A Unique Breakfast at the Four Seasons Hotel, Beirut 97/100

And the quest continues. Finding the best breakfast in a five star hotel in Lebanon. After visiting the Hilton Habtoor, Le Royal Dbayeh, Le Gray and Le Vendome, the Four Seasons Beirut was next on the list. I have heard a lot of good things about the breakfast served in this hotel facing Beirut’s’ sea »more… The_Four_Seasons_Hotel_Beirut_Breakfast59

2- Breakfast at Le Gray: Starting Your Day in Style 94/100

I thought I had visited almost all of the major five-star hotels for breakfast in Lebanon. I was actually working on publishing my verdict until I found out by pure coincidence that Le Gray has recently launched a buffet breakfast. Stop I said. This I must try! What used to be served on an individual »more… Breakfast_Indigo_Rooftop_Le_Gray_Hotel_Beirut64

3- A Majestic Breakfast at Hotel Le Vendome Beirut 93/100

You get out of bed sometimes wanting to feel pampered somehow, maybe crave to get that special royal treatment?  A silver tray with all your heart’s desire served on silverware? I suggest you drive down for breakfast at Sydney’s – located on the 13th floor of the Hotel Le Vendome Beirut on Ain Mreiseh, Beirut. »more… Le_Vendome_Beirut_Sydneys_Breakfast8

4- Phoenicia Hotel: A Five Stars Breakfast I Recommend 92/100

My quest continues, searching for the best breakfast you can have at a five star hotel in Lebanon. Le Gray, Le Royal, The Four Seasons, Hilton and now its time for Phoenicia Hotel. Today’s experience was the closest I have had to the big hotels I’ve stayed at in Europe and Dubai – A huge »more… Phoenicia_Hotel_Beirut_Breakfast112

5- Breakfast at the Mövenpick Hotel Beirut 81/100

Arrive to the lobby and go down to the eighth level where breakfast is served everyday from 6am to 10:30am at the Mediterranée restaurant. A host welcomed us, before a hostess wearing a pink classy outfit accompanied us to our table. The Mövenpick Hotel Beirut is the 6th 5 star hotel, where I have come to »more… Mövenpick_Hotel_Beirut_Breakfast76

6- The Hilton: Was I Having Breakfast or Exchanging Money? 71/100

I am sure you’re wondering about the title… You’ll get your answer towards the end of this review. I am still in shock…trust me… On my mission to find the best breakfast at a five star hotel in Lebanon, The Hilton Habtoor Grand Hotel was next on the list. After Le Vendome, Le Gray and Le »more… Hilton_Grand_Habtoor_Hotel_Breakfast27

7- Le Royal Hotel: A Breakfast You Just Don’t Want to Try! 49/100

I love traveling, I love planes, I love staying at hotels…  and my favorite part is indulging in a hefty hotel breakfast the next morning. But since I have been stuck in Lebanon for some time now, I have decided to go have breakfast at a hotel in Lebanon, a place where I can reminisce about »more… Le_Royal_Hotel_Dbayeh_Breakfast43 Which one is your favorite? Let us know...





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