March 22, 2015 Beirut Central District Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Suz: A Calm Coffee Bar in Downtown Beirut

If you’re looking for an interesting place to have some good food -they say- and some coffee then I think Suz’s Coffee Bar might just be the place. Tucked in an alley facing Beirut Souk’s, Suz is said to offer some organic and healthy bites away from the bustle that comes with Beirut City. 


Facing Beirut Souks, right next to Al Ahli bank, go down a few steps and you’ll find Suz.

The industrial loft style interior decorated with simple contemporary furniture, and lighting, Suz is a simple place that oozes positivity the minute I stepped in. Enjoy sitting inside or out on the terrace.You can also enjoy a small retail area that offers a selection of magazine titles and accessories by local artists.

Suz menu is simple yet clear and varied. All day breakfast, soup of the day, pasta of the day, toasts and wraps, salads, the perfect cheese platter and desserts. On another menu you’ll find the drinks which include fresh juices, shakes and smoothies, Suz mixes, soft drinks, sparkling water, tea and hot drinks, alcoholic cocktails. Customers are satisfied with a menu of varied food and drinks, a friendly service, and reasonable prices. Breakfast, lunch and early dinners are served on the pretty terrace which also makes for a most enjoyable brunch, or indoor, in the small delicately worked industrial loft style interior, luring with authentic contemporary design furniture and lighting.


I personally enjoyed a cup of organic coffee, which looks like an American coffee yet tastes way better. A smooth flavor of rich and consistent coffee from illy, that's not acidic, not strong and not bitter. With your coffee comes a piece of homemade biscuit with the letters of Suz on them. I was happy to see that they serve glass bottles of Sohat bottles, which add a certain fine touch to the coffee place. 

This is not a detailed review on the restaurant but a highlight on a coffee shop I came across and enjoyed. I will be coming here soon for their food… If you’re in the area and looking for a nice place to have some coffee in a calm atmosphere, then Suz is your place!





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