March 15, 2016

2015: Fine Dining Restaurants in Lebanon
Fine Dining

They kind of vanished, Fine Dining restaurants in Lebanon. Few still survive and I love them. They deserve a visit because there is where food is beautifully presented and created with love, passion and high standrards.

Burgundy: Best of the Best

On the first visit I discovered perfection, on the second it was more of a dream, then there was today, when reality turned into a trip to the land of wonders, a meal I'll remember for a long time. Lunch at Burgundy is one of the finest meals I've had to date, a two star Michelin experience at least.


Le Talleyrand: Still Going Strong

With so many places opening, new food concepts mushrooming around the country, it’s really hard to keep up or find time to visit some of your old favorite restaurants. Some places are a must visit every once in a while, just to remind ourselves that there are special restaurants in our country that have passed the test of time and still offer their clientele the same good and tasty dishes. One such place is definitely Le Talleyrand.


Balthus: A Casual Fine Dining

Welcome to the world of luxury, welcome to the world of Balthus, one of the few premium dining restaurants still standing in Lebanon. Serving its accustomed clientele for more than 15 years now, Balthus knows how to retain happy customers, by offering them a good experience they won’t forget. A soothing menu, professional staff and great food in an unforgettably beautiful setup.


Aldente: The Italian Fine Dining Restaurant

With the sophisticated Bordeaux like ambiance, Al Dente is a very nice place. Located inside the Albergo hotel, Achrafieh, Beirut, the place is divided into three separate rooms, each with a high ceiling and round tables in an appealing setting that includes old and new lanterns... I liked the way lights are fixed over individual tables creating rounded spots around them - a great way to read your menu easily without any damaging your eyes. But personally, I would definitely prefer a restaurant that more lit creating a certain feel. Al Dente, in my opinion was too dark. Looking for  your invitees in the dark is not a great way to start off the night. The menu is very nice, divided in four pages of complicated Italian specialities.


Chez Jean-Claude; Lost Between Bistro and Fine Dining

It's a fine diner, more of an upscale bistro where you're welcomed by a local valet and enter a restaurant handled by a head waiter in a black jacket and tie and helped by waiters in white shirts and black ties. Jean-Claude was there having a drink on the terrace, while his lovely wife tours around, making sure all the guests are happy. 


Albergo: Fine Dining on the Roof

There are a few places in Lebanon that really stand out and eventually become a landmark. One such place is the Albergo Hotel. Passing by the famous Rue Du Liban in Achrafieh, you can't but notice a beautiful building hosting the only Relais&Chateaux hotel in Lebanon. Hotel Albergo, nestled at the intersection between Rue Du Liban and Abdel Wahab el Inglizi Street is an iconic location known by most people. Inside this hotel are two restaurants.  Choose between Aldente, the fine dining Italian restaurant or the Rooftop to indulge in one of the finest cuisines Lebanon has to offer.


Indigo on the Roof

The luxurious Le Gray Hotel impressive architectural landmark stands out in the middle of Beirut city. Imagine going up to the last floor and enjoy a breathtaking experience that will awaken your taste and sight senses. Indigo-On The Roof is the hotel’s exclusive restaurant, receiving much high praise for its outstanding cuisine and service. The contemporary interior, designed by Mary Fox Linton, provides a spacious environment to compliment the stunning panoramic views of the city from every corner of the hotel.

Indigo on the roof

Table Fine: Mediterranean with Style

The first impression is always breathtaking. A welcoming valet service, the long alley, old stones, Lebanese heritage and a million dollar decor. Soothing music, dimmed lights, a high ceiling, stone columns and the terrace, the covered space makes you feel like you've traveled to the Maldives. 

Table Fine

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