December 14, 2017

5 Most Classic Lebanese Foods to Taste Before You Die

Though Lebanon is not a huge country in the world but this small and beautiful nation in the middle east which is locating off the Mediterranean sea has a very rich culture. It doesn’t lag behind in being extremely charming and picturesque even. And, most importantly, great food is in all aspects of people’s lives in this country!! 

Over the time, the Lebanese people attained high-end culinary knowledge and used the same in their cuisine successfully. And, it is the foundation of such mouthwatering Lebanese delicacies that you might have tasted sometime!

But, if you haven’t done that yet then you must make a move soon. Lebanese dishes are just amazing!! Also, you can grab an exciting coupon from the websites like Dealslands to try the yummy Lebanese foods at an affordable rate. 

Well, want to explore some of such palatable dishes? Then, here I have narrowed down some of the best ones which I tasted recently and I must say, I’m still not able to come out of that heavenly taste!! 

  • Here I go! 

1.Baba Ghanoush 

If you have an intense love for hummus then you should definitely try Baba Ghanoush!! It’s a delectable dip that is usually served with pita bread with a sprinkle of olive oil over it. The fact which makes it quite similar to hummus is that it’s also made with tahini. 

But, there lies a difference between both and that is Baba Ghanoush is made from eggplant unlike chickpeas in hummus. For a special touch, sometimes it is topped with pomegranate. The variance of flavor that you will get in this dish is simply incredible! 

2. Kibbeh Nayyeh 

Well, if you are such a person who doesn't bother eating raw meat when it tastes luscious then Kibbeh Nayyeh is one of the best dishes that you can try. Yeah, you read it right!! It’s raw beef but it tastes awesome. It is actually made of raw beef which remains blended with bulgur, pureed onion, authentic Lebanese spices etc. 

3. Manakeesh 


It is a Lebanese pizza!! Manakeesh has a lot of varieties but predominantly it is made with kishik (cracked wheat paste), meat, cheese, zaatar (a strain of thyme) and many such more wonderful edibles. Baked freshly in an oven, Manakeesh is served with juicy toppings of tomatoes, olives etc. 

4. Falafel 


If you’ve not tasted Falafel still in your life then sorry but I must say that you’re living under a rock!! It is such an appetizing dish that you will surely drool just by its name if you taste it for once even. It is made from crushed chickpeas which are then deep fried. Usually, it is served in Lebanon within a pita sandwich along with veggies and tahini sauce. 

5. Fattoush 


It is a traditional Lebanese salad which tastes simply finger-licking!! The specialty of this dish is that instead of croutons which are usually used in salads, the Lebanese people bake or fry pita bread and then crush it up to mix with Fattoush. Moreover, the dressing of this dish which is nothing but a mixture of olive oil, lemon, salt, and garlic makes this dish yet more scrumptious!! 

So, what are you waiting for? Just taste these dishes soon in any of your nearest Lebanese restaurants and I am sure you would end up coming out of the place while extremely eulogizing about the piquant food!!

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