February 25, 2015 Belgium Europe

Visiting Belgium 2015: My Travel Diary


Belgium, officially the Kingdom of Belgium, is a federal monarchy in Western Europe. It is a founding member of the European Union and hosts the EU's headquarters as well as those of several other major international organisations such as NATO. Belgium covers an area of 30,528 square kilometres and has a population of about 11 million people.

Straddling the cultural boundary between Germanic and Latin Europe, Belgium is home to two main linguistic groups: the Dutch-speaking, mostly Flemish community, which constitutes about 59% of the population, and the French-speaking, mostly Walloon population and Brussels inhabitants, which comprises 41% of all Belgians. Additionally, there is a small group of German-speakers who are officially recognized.

Belgium's two largest regions are the Dutch-speaking region of Flanders in the north and the French-speaking southern region of Wallonia. The Brussels-Capital Region, officially bilingual, is a mostly French-speaking enclave within the Flemish Region. A German-speaking Community exists in eastern Wallonia. Belgium's linguistic diversity and related political conflicts are reflected in its political history and complex system of government.


Below a list of this trip's discoveries: (Check the photo gallery for more beautiful pictures)

Maison des Brasseurs Mons: Croque Madame and Beer

Dell'Arte Brugge: Good Value for Money

Depla Bruges: Rice Crispy Dark Chocolate Cakes, Nothing Else

Bistro de Pompe: Good Casual Food in Bruges

Cour St Georges Gent: A Typical Flemish Experience

Patrick Devos: Below Average, Pretentious Restaurant

The Chocolate Line Brugge by Dominique Persoone

Lunch at The Dominican Hotel Brussels: An Exquisite Experience

Breakfast at The Sofitel Le Louise Brussels

Maison Pierre Marcolini: Haute Chocolaterie and Pure Indulgence

Dandoy: The Speculoos Specialist Since 1829

Fritland Brussels: Wait in Line for a Cone of Fries

Toscana 21: A Homey Italian Experience...

Sofitel Le Louise Brussels: A Professional Luxurious Stay

Bad: Brussels Airlines' Business Lounge at Brussels Airport

Lola Brussels: I Wouldn't Recommend it to my Friends

I Trulli: An Excellent Italian in Brussels

The Duke's Palace: A Luxurious Stay in a Historical Hotel

A Special Breakfast at The Duke's Palace Hotel, Bruges

Dumon Chocolates: Not as Good as Expected

Savarin: The Chef Deserves a Star and More

Lunch at The Dominican Hotel Brussels: An Exquisite Experience


Stay tuned for our next destination.

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The Duke's Palace: A Luxurious Stay in a Historical Hotel


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