February 16, 2015 Belgium Europe

Maison Pierre Marcolini: Haute Chocolaterie and Pure Indulgence

I didn't enjoy the chocolates back in Brugges, the first thing I intended to do when we arrived to Brussles was to visit Maison Pierre Marcolini – and thankfully it was an incredible experience. 


I was happy to learn that they also have a pastry shop where great chocolates, tasty dark chocolate mousse cakes, amazing éclairs and delicious hot chocolates… Welcome to the world of Maison Pierre Marcolini, Brussels and what might just be the world's finest chocolate. The brand is referred to as Haute Chocolaterie for a reason.

I have already tried the Marcolini's chocolate bars before, which I enjoyed and reviewed in the past. I knew I was in for a treat when I walked into the shop in Brussels. I ordered a dark chocolate cake and a dark chocolate éclair.


  • I also ordered their hot chocolate. Rich in color, condensed, dark chocolate, smooth and refined, caressing the palate and the mouth. Every sip is unique, rich and loaded with chocolate flavors – nothing like the one we had in Brugges. 
  • Enjoy their dark chocolate cake with its light mousse. A four layered cake with a crispy bottom, a dark chocolate ganache, a creamy heart and more chocolate on top. What a sumptuous innovation of several wonders combined into a creative piece of art. This kind of finesse is rarely found in the industry.
  • The chocolate éclair is a cocktail of pure richness. Tender, thin dough filled with a condensed cream with light chocolate finesse, no sweetness but extravagant pleasure. Rare is the word that can describe the experience.
  • Macaron with dark chocolate 62%. Chuao: A light crunch hosting a chewy heart before reaching condensed chocolate, a strong chocolate from Venezuela that's not sweet with a long lasting aroma. The other chocolate is Marcolini's signature. A vanilla note and some fine chocolates.


Maison Pierre Marcolini is not only a great chocolate place, but also an institution of perfection when it comes to chocolate related products.

I brought back home with me their dark chocolate special edition bars, each for 9 Euros, but worth every penny.

The packaging is simple yet includes lots of information: 

  • The region and the country of origin
  • The beans used
  • Name of the estate
  • The specific variety of plantation 
  • Genetic variety of the cocoa bean
  • Percentage of cocoa

Going to Brussels? Visiting Maison Pierre Marcolini is not an option, but a must.





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