November 05, 2017 Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Refined Exotic Burger: A Good Delivery Choice
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When you receive a burger all the way from Sin el Fil - that’s an hour's drive during peak time - you certainly don’t expect to enjoy it! But when this burger comes in a paper bag, and a paper box with paper say to yourself this feels professional. When you have the first bite, you start looking around to share this enjoyment with someone... today I’ve had an exceptional burger I’ve been dreaming to enjoy in Lebanon! When almost all burgers are turning into something dry and commercial tasting like Kafta meat, R.E.B lands on my desk! OMG!


It’s called R.E.B for “Refined, Exotic, Burger”, a delivery kitchen that's part of the “Chou Tabkha Mom” concept. Nicely prepared and presented, professionally wrapped and tasting so good I would recommend you try them immediately. Even though warm and not hot enough because of the distance these burgers made me smile... loved the bun and the patty, the ingredients and flavors, the balance and equilibrium of textures put into a sandwich created to impress.

The Diablo burger is about a juicy beef patty with a light red colored heart, a fresh crunchy iceberg, melted cheddar cheese, a very special lightly spicy sauce and an add-on of R.E.D signature spicy minced meat. What a burger! The minced meat makes all the difference. The Kahuna burger has the same juicy patty, fresh lettuce, a spread of mayonnaise, melted cheddar cheese, sweet caramelized onions, grilled pineapple and strips of bacon. Are you imagining all of the above ingredients stuffed between two soft buns? They go to make a very good burger indeed.


I can’t explain it but I know and feel a good burger. I’ve probably had a couple thousand during the last five years and few are the ones that amazed me... bravo R.E.B, you made my day!


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh... this is how I screamed when I had the chocolate! Oh, My Goodness! Two jars, one double chocolate fudge jar, and another chocolate speculoos... An orgasmic dessert that made me scream, the chocolate quality, the thickness of the chocolate, the speculoos cream on top... take a spoon, dig in, lay it on your tongue, close your eyes, push the chocolate up onto your palate and feel it dance around your mouth. Yummy!!!!

I couldn't wait for long, I ordered another delivery two days after and experienced the same great burgers and outstanding desserts.

Great burgers, awesome desserts, what else can one ask for! Orders yours today!!!!

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