February 14, 2015 Belgium Europe

Bad: Brussels Airlines' Business Lounge at Brussels Airport

Traveling onboard Middle East Airlines we were shown to the Brussels Airlines lounge. I wished I didn't have to come to the airport so early in the morning. A low ceiling, hundreds of individual sofas, glass facades separating the area into intimate corners and one single tiny little buffet for everyone there.


Facing Gate B1, on the first floor is this lounge, maybe dating from World War Two.

I wrote this review without even having the chance to sit in the lounge. Fully loaded, not a single sofa was left unattended. The first impression is bad.

Inside the lounge is a bar located on the left side, a fridge and an open space of sofas, lots of them. At the very end, a business area with computers and working desks awaits.

Imagine, the lounge doesn't even have toilets. Walk down the corridor and use the public toilet, that’s the best part.


Now for the food, cookies, bread and croissants with a large choice of cheese and jam. No hot food, no extraordinary selection, cold cuts or sandwiches. Just bread and cheese. The cheese, alongside the yogurt, is left in the fridge, this large fridge used for soft drinks. Remember, they only have one single fridge for everyone so prepare yourself to wait in line serving yourself in a hurry because others are waiting.

It's not even worth visiting or coming early to experience the lounge. Down at Gates B3 to B20 Starbucks or the airport bar are way better.





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