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Homemade Pizza and Tarts by Zena Nakhoul

Zena, a loyal NoGarlicNoOnions reader has been making homemade tarts and pizzas for a while. Posted weekly on her Facebook profile, her colorful creations catch my attention every time I log on to FB... I personally haven't tried them yet, but if they taste as good as they look then... Mama Mia. Zena was kind enough to share her tart and pizza recipe with us... Hope you and your family will try them and let us know what you think... Thanks Zena... Let's start cooking... 10363566_10154082019775034_7135996972038000947_n

My Homemade Pizza

The dough:

  • 1 cup of warm milk
  • 2 teaspoons of sugar
  • 2 teaspoons of instant yeast
  • Mix in a jar and let rise

In a bowl:

  • 3 cups of flour (Italian Tippo 00 is the best!)
  • A pinch of salt
  • In the middle, make a well and add: ¼ cup of Olive Oil (I get it from Kawkaba… Southern Lebanon has the greatest oil…)
  • Mix it well with a fork and then add the yeast mixture
  • Knead the dough for 10 minutes, put it in a bowl, cover with a clean sheet and leave to rise for an hour or so

The Tomato Sauce:

  • Olive oil
  • 5 cloves of garlic, crushed
  • A few basil leaves, roughly chopped
  • 5 fresh tomatoes, juiced
  • Let it cook for an hour on low heat. Then pass it again in the puree Passi. Then back on fire for another 10 minutes. Let cool

The assembly:

  • The dough
  • The sauce
  • The driest ham you can find (I usually use the smoked Jambino)
  • The cheese (fresh mozzarella left overnight in the fridge, to let out its water)
  • Fresh mushrooms
  • Whole olives left with their seed for better taste
  • A pinch of oregano…

et Bon appetiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!! 10352880_10154143915645034_3420993758157996844_n

My Rustic Strawberry Tart:

The dough:

  • 200 gr. Flour, refrigerated
  • 165 gr. Butter, refrigerated
  • 100 gr. Sugar
  • Pinch of Salt
  • Mix with finger tips till looking like breadcrumbs then add:
  • 2 tablespoons Cold Water
  • And make quickly into a ball, cover with cling film and put in the refrigerator.
  • After half an hour, roll it out in an earthy baking dish and bake in a 180” pre-heated oven till the edges are browned. Let cool.

The Crème Patissiere:

  • 1 liter of milk divided into 500 ml and 500 ml
  • The first 500 ml, goes into a pan, and get boiled
  • The second part is added to:
  • 4 Fresh Egg Yolks
  • 200 gr. Sugar
  • 100 gr. Flour
  • Mixed well, and then added to the boiled Milk.
  • Stir until thick, remove from heat and add
  • 1 spoon of Vanilla Extract
  • Let cool, cover with cling film and refrigerate.

The topping:

  • 3 cups of fresh Strawberries cut into halves
  • 2 cups of Strawberry Jelly, cooled in fridge but not solid yet
  • Dip the Strawberries in the Jelly, for a beautiful sparkly presentation, then arrange on top of the filling over the Tart

tart ENJOYYY!!

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