April 12, 2023

5 Ways Residential Proxies Can Improve Your Data Scraping

One key identifying feature of modern-day business is that data runs the world. The more access you have to a wider pool of data, the more likely you are to generate insights to improve your business and make decisions that matter. Since 2010, the amount of data generated globally has increased almost 60 times, from 2 Zettabytes to 120 Zettabytes. To put this into perspective, a Zettabyte equals 1 billion Terabytes. Therefore, sifting through publicly accessible data can make a difference for any business.

Considering the amount of online data, many people have developed tools to help in research and analysis. These tools or bots are called web scrappers. While web scrapping is advantageous to businesses, websites may consider scrapping undesirable and may put guardrails against them. Using residential proxies can help you improve your data scrapping and give you an edge over competitors in the market. Here are five ways residential proxies will improve your data scrapping.

1. Preventing Blocking And Restrictions 

Data scrappers often use bots to access numerous websites at a time to gain information on a large scale. However, as technology advances, websites have begun using specialized mechanisms to restrict access to bots and other automated means of gaining access to websites. As such, you must devise a way to bypass tools such as the CAPTCHAs and Anti-bot Programs. That is where residential proxies provided by NetNut come into play. These residential proxies are regularly rotating across the board to provide you with a method of circumventing the Anti-bot programs that would limit your access. For more information, visit NetNut website  https://netnut.io/best-residential-proxies.

Similarly, when you encounter geo-blocking and other location-based restrictions, NetNut will provide residential proxies from different internet routes to ensure you enjoy access to global web data. This will improve the quality of data you access when scrapping the web.

2. Increasing Anonymity 

As the name suggests, residential proxies are obtained from actual residences and devices. Unlike the data center proxies used in the past, which were localized to a specific location, residential proxies are completely anonymous. As such, you mimic the location of a specific device from a specific place in the world. This means that websites will unlikely monitor and stop your access based on numerous requests from a single location. You can increase your anonymity by using rotating residential proxies, which can increase the safety of your search by randomly allocating you a geo-sensitive IP for all your requests. This can improve your web scrapping exponentially by hiding your true identity from websites worldwide.

3. Increasing the Reliability Of The Connections

Any data scrapping process's efficiency depends on the reliability of the connection between your device and the website. You lose access to vital information whenever the connection is interrupted or disrupted. It might even expose your true identity and location due to a leak in your IP address. However, when using residential proxies, you reduce the chances of an interruption in your connection. This can be beneficial in data scrapping as it maintains a constant stream of data, thus guaranteeing the quality of data you can access.

The guarantee will also affect your security when accessing websites. Using residential proxies, your connection will be reliable and safe from any possible interference and access by malicious websites. Therefore, you can use the services without compromising your business interests and security.

4. Enhanced Speeds 

Speed is critical in data scrapping. The process of data scrapping aims to optimize how much data a company can access for whichever reason. Considering the vast tracts of data available online, the more data you access quickly, the easier it is for you to filter through the data to make business decisions. Using residential proxies for data scrapping helps reduce any impediments to access that might limit your speeds. It also helps to increase the efficiency of your data scrapping, especially when accessing a large data set.

The speed of access can also improve the quality of data you can use in data scrapping. Remember, things are rapidly changing in the modern landscape. As such, data that could have been useful a short while ago could be rendered obsolete by the changing tides. If you want to get high-quality and useful data, you will want to use residential proxies, which will increase your speed and efficiency when data scrapping.

5. Enhanced Legitimacy Of Web Scrapping 

Service providers like NetNut gain access to residential proxies from various Internet Service Providers around the globe. The effect of this is that the residential proxies will mimic the identity of real computers and devices located on actual networks. With residential proxies, your IP address will not be detected as a proxy connection. Therefore, you will be similar to a legitimate internet user who is not likely to be denied access.

Wrapping Up 

Using residential proxies such as Netnut.io provides data scrappers with many advantages. As stated above, where the websites would ideally block access due to the use of bots, residential proxies help mimic human online activity, thus allowing for a wider range of access. Have you been looking for a way to increase anonymity and speed while maintaining the legitimacy of your web data scrapping? Residential proxies are the solution to your problem. Sign up for the trial version of Netnut.io residential proxies and watch your data scrapping improve.

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