July 02, 2022

8 Best Vegan Restaurants in NYC

Veganism has gained more traction than any other culinary movement in the last ten years. Everyone has been clamoring for a piece of the vegan industry, from meatless meat businesses to fast-food franchises. Despite these opportunities and the greater probability of the uncommon plant-based item appearing on a menu, finding a vegan fine-dining restaurant, or even one that provides a vegan menu, can be challenging for vegans (and flexitarians). Even rarer is the opportunity of discovering a Michelin-starred vegan restaurant. As a result, we've prepared a list of the best vegan restaurants in NYC!

Pack your stuff, book a ticket, and never let your stomach rumble again.

1. Eleven Madison Park

When Chef Daniel Humm reopened three-Michelin-star Eleven Madison Park as a fully vegan venture in 2021, he stunned the world's fine-dining establishment.

Two Japanese shoji chefs spent three months at the restaurant before its plant-based reopening. The outcome is an 11-course seasonal vegan cuisine with eastern influences that is less European and more international.

One thing that hasn't changed at the NYC culinary institution — widely regarded as one of the best vegan restaurants in the world — is the considerable waitlist. Those fortunate enough to secure a reservation can expect the same degree of commitment to refined and imaginative cooking on the vegan menu, with just the appropriate amount of theatricality.

2. Dirt Candy

We all know how healthy vegetables are, but Dirt Candy shows us how delicious they can be. The vegetables aren't just for dinner; they also appear in desserts like this triple-layer cauliflower cake with white icing, caramel dots, and a small scoop of caramel ice cream. The tasting menu guarantees that you'll be able to try a wide range of dishes.

  1. 3. Nish Nush 

This restaurant in TriBeCa serves up casual Middle Eastern cuisine. The falafel trifecta here consists of the tried-and-true Classic Forever, Red Hot Chili, and Popeye's Delight with spinach and mushrooms, and it's insanely delicious. A dollop of tahini, skhug, silky hummus, and a rainbow of slaws, salads, and pickles round things out nicely, including you.

If you plan to relocate your to TriBeCa, an impressive food scene will make the transition easier. That and professional movers who can assist you with a simple transfer across town. Even local relocations are a significant change and a massive undertaking, so going about it on your own is not advisable.

  1. Candle Caffe

Candle Cafe promises that no animals or animal products were used in the making of their creative and delicious vegetarian cuisine. A mezze platter with hummus, quinoa tabouli, lemon-date chutney, and marinated olives, as well as tasty salads with citrus beets, baby arugula, pomegranate, and a tahini dressing, are among the light appetizers. Tofu, tempeh, and seitan are used in inventive ways in the dishes. This premium vegetarian-vegan paradise has a trendy design and pleasant service, but the delicious desserts make the experience.

  1. abcV

This restaurant is always packed with large groups of people sharing a bottle of wine and a head of cauliflower, seemingly unconcerned about the lack of meat on the menu. It's possible that they don't even notice.

That is the thing about abcV. The fact that it is an entirely vegetarian establishment is beside the issue. It's merely a function. We don't need an apostrophe when we remark the meal is excellent for a vegetarian restaurant. Without a caveat, it's fantastic, which is why this place has earned its spot on the list of best vegan restaurants in NYC. The menu is divided into sections such as "Grains & Legumes," "Warm and Sustaining," "Vegetables," and "Brunch Bowls," among others. On principle, we oppose the last one, but otherwise, it's difficult to go wrong.

  1. 232 Bleecker

232 Bleecker is a neighborhood restaurant by Dig Food Group and Chef Zach Schulz (previously of Eleven Madison Park and the Nomad), featuring vegetable-forward meals in a historic West Village property with a wood-burning hearth. They emphasize their strong ties to local farmers and purveyors, including their farm in upstate New York, Dig Acres.

  1. Champs Dinner

Champs Diner in Bushwick, one of the best vegan restaurants in Brooklyn, is the place to go for casual, delicious diner fare at one of the best vegan restaurants in New York City.

This small slice of heaven has plenty of charm, with classic black and white tile, 50s-style booths, and a bar top. Champs is where vegans and nonvegans may get a delicious treat. It serves fluffy pancakes, vegan chic'n & waffles, burgers, and shakes, among other typical diner favorites.

If you are moving to this neighborhood, this place will help you feel at home. As consultants from Clean Cut Movingsay, people who move to a new place need something to help them feel at home. What better way to minimize your moving stress than by letting relocation experts handle the technical aspect of the move and treating yourself to a delicious meal.

  1. Cadence

Cadence is one of the best vegan restaurants specializing in Southern soul food in the East Village. It comes from the same people who brought you Ladybird, Avant Garden, and Proletariat. Still, it's the only place in town where you can get purple yams with blackberry coulis, toasted marshmallows, collard greens filled with rice, and Southern-fried lasagna with pine nut ricotta. Give this place a try if you're planning a special occasion, date night, or birthday meal with close friends who don't eat meat.

Other menu highlights silky smoked grits (loaded with torched oyster mushrooms, large, bursting corn kernels, and crispy garlic and shallots like savory candy) and chickpea hearts of palm cakes (cooked with a delicately crunchy finish and flaky middle served on a peppy chipotle aioli slaw) are two more menu highlights. There's also beer, wine, and cider.

Final Thoughts

Although some individuals may find it challenging to locate the best vegan restaurants in NYC, many restaurants in the city offer fantastic menu options at any time of day. Hopefully, my recommendations helped you narrow down a few spots to visit on your next city tour.

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