April 08, 2016 Keserwan Lebanon Middle East

A Day at the Convent: The Day My Life Changed...

This is the day my life changed, the day I visited Deir Saydet el Bechara, a convent in the beautiful Northern side of Lebanon. It's the day when I witnessed another side of life, a more genuine side where materialistic things and money have no place, it's that day when I confirmed to myself that that the most important thing is your reputation, your smile, your good positive spirit… It’s what people will remember about you…

In our fast moving world, I felt the need to escape somewhere… I asked the nuns of the Annunciation Convent to welcome me for a day. I spent a full day at the convent, a secluded and private space where no one before had access. I spent the day doing what they do on their normal day including praying, eating and other daily commitments like milking the cow, making cheese, preparing fatayer, working on the land and creating religious drawings and other artisanal work …


On that day, I felt peace within. My smile didn’t leave my face. If a picture says a thousand words, this video would be an encyclopedia of life’s true value. I hope you'll feel as much as I did during this day. 

Deir Saydet el Bechara +961-9-210253





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