May 29, 2016 Amman Jordan Middle East

Abou Hatem: Meat Since 1942

It was our cherry on top, my favorite stop for the day, a place open from 1940 is now handled by the fourth generation of owners. Meat is their speciality grilling it a skewer at a time.


We came here by pure coincidence when the driver suggested he knows a popular restaurant selling kabab. We arrived to the owners, they welcomed us with open arms, I went behind the counter and helped with the preparation of the meat platter.

Street food at its finest, popular to the utmost level, in here people come for the meat. Not the cleanest though and no one seems to care. Abou Hatem is where you're going next.


We were served a platter of mixed grills with hummus, tahina and a tomato salad. A super tender meat, flavorful liver, juicy chicken and superb kakab. Grab a piece

Of bread, put a finger of kabab, spread it with hummus, a chunk of grilled tomato and enjoy. My friends, a Jordanians and an Indonesian fell in love with these chunks not many know how to master.


Street food in Amman, meat at its finest, welcoming owners; I was happy to come here and will surely visit back.

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