April 11, 2014

Absolut Karnival Special Edition: Passion Fruit and Orange Blossom

Introducing Absolut Karnival Edition, a passion fruit and orange blossom- flavored limited edition capturing the transformative energy of Carnival. absolut_karnivalbig Absolut Karnival Edition features artwork by the Brazilian graphic novel artist and writer Rafael Grampá. Already teaming with Absolut on its new Transform Today campaign, Grampá here extends his creative collaboration with the brand by bringing a unique and colorful vision of Latin America’s most transformative celebration to the iconic Absolut bottle. Absolut Karnival Edition goes on sale in Latin America in January 2014 and in global duty free/travel retail in April 2014. To create the bottle design for Absolut Karnival Edition, Absolut partnered with graphic novel creator Rafael Grampá. His work is disruptive, lively and authentic. Not only that, he’s a native of Brazil and has experienced the transformative potential of Carnival first-hand his entire life. The resulting artwork features a cast of colorful characters, created by Grampá, on parade around the bottle. A dog dressed up as a rooster, a young man wearing the head of an old man, a blue-faced giant, happy to give a hug to whoever wants one, a beautiful “Queenfish,” and a character Grampá dubs “The Freedom Knight” and describes as a typical festival goer who fights taboos and prejudice with joy and music. Absolut Karnival I got mine from the Dubai duty free.
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