November 14, 2020

Add Magic to Your Starbucks Experience this Year
Non-smokers friendly

As the originators of the holiday coffee cup, the arrival of Starbucks festive cup design is emblematic of the start of the holiday season. And this year, as part of ongoing sustainability efforts, Starbucks has launched a reusable version of the iconic holiday cups.


Featuring the same siren logo, plus clever patented technology, the heat sensitive cup will change from holly green to warm red when a hot drink is poured into it, adding an extra bit of magic to your Starbucks Experience this year.

Each colour-change will last as long as your drink does, meaning you can keep track of how much you have left easily without opening the lid. Once your drink is finished, or turns cold, the cup will revert back to Starbucks classic green, ready to be used again.


Every year, Starbucks holiday cups are designed to reflect the joy of the season, and this year’s theme, Carry the Merry, is an invitation to enjoy the little moments of brightness around you, with the sentiment coming to life through the colourful design.



The limited edition, colour-changing reusable cup is part of Starbucks ambition to increase reusability and reduce waste, and follows the launch of the summer colour-changing cup earlier this year, which featured similar technology for a cold liquid.

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