February 17, 2017 South Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Al Challal: A Lebanese Restaurant in Jezzine
Authentic & Traditional

We chose Al Challal to have lunch while shooting an episode of Mechwar on Jezzine. Al Challal is a Lebanese restaurant nestled on a cliff right by the water fall.


A simple table set with the conventional Lebanese mezze. Hummus, Moutabbal, Labneh, Tabbouleh, Fattouch, Goat cheese, stuffed grapevine leaves and Lebanese fried bites.

It's a typical Lebanese restaurant. Don't expect any fancy decor and superb service; so enjoy the breathtaking view and appreciate the love poured into every dish.

I loved the hummus, good hummus with the right amount of ingredients... tahina and lemon. Grilled eggplant moutabbal were just perfect in flavor.... Goat Labneh balls, the famous Labneh Jezzine is known for, were so soft and smooth. 

I enjoyed the tanginess of the grapevine leaves, the tenderness of the liver, the taste of the homemade fries, the freshness of the tabbouleh...


The best for last... we received the potato chunks. Huge fried potato chunks salted and buttered just ready to be devoured as is, or with hummus and labneh. They were so divine, crunchy on the outside and very smooth on the inside.

Very good food indeed, this is what you would expect from a typical Lebanese restaurant up the village that uses only premium ingredients to prepare food with love and know-how.

Suitable For: Authentic & Traditional





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