March 13, 2016 Baalbeck Bekaa Lebanon Middle East

Al Jawhari Sweets Baalbeck: Nammoura bel Kashta
Sweet Tooth

Up in Baalbeck is a shop famous for their sweets, some specialities nobody else does in Lebanon. Nammoura bel Kashta, ghraybeh bel Kashta, warbet bel Kashta are unique of Baalbeck.


Open in 1960, Al Jawahri has been offering a selection of sweets making him one of the Top10 oriental sweet shops in Lebanon.

A dry ghraybeh turned into a majestic piece with the light Kashta filled in it, the Nammoura that's an equilibrium of sweetness and lightness combined and the Warbet that's a flaky dough puffing enjoyably while the Kashta adds the finesse it needs.


Recommended it is... Visit Tripoli for the Znoud el Set, Saida for the Knefeh and Baalbeck for the Nammoura bel Kashta.

Suitable For: Sweet Tooth


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