September 06, 2013 Oman GCC Middle East

Al Majan Business Lounge: Muscat International Airport

Traveling on board Gulf Air, Emirates and other airlines your dedicated business lounge is Majan located on the ground floor of the terminal immediately after passport control. Pass the security counter, and before going up to the duty free area, Majan Lounge will appear to your right.
It was the first time someone takes a photocopy of my boarding pass before accessing the lounge: Bizarre. I checked in and continued to the waiting area. Inside is a one single square space adequately lit and decorated in beige, green, brown and red colors.
The space described:
  • A large square box
  • White ceiling
  • A reflective red wall facing the buffet
  • Ceramic floor that looks cheap surrounded by red carpet
  • Three mosaic columns supporting the ceiling make the place look even smaller
  • Clocks showing four different destinations
  • Two LCD TVs
  • Two screens displaying departure timings (London, Muscat, New Delhi, Bangkok)
  • Green and beige individual sofas with wood arm rests
  • Few leather lazy boy in white and black
  • A business area
The choices offered for breakfast:
  • Crackers and butter
  • Verrines
  • Pickles and dried tomatoes
  • Stuffed vine leaves
  • Two choices of square bread sandwiches
  • Rolls
  • Pain au Lait
  • Cheese
  • Dried fruits and dates
  • A full choice of alcoholic drinks and a fridge of soft drinks
  • Cakes, muffins and Danish pastry
  • Manakish and other bites
  • Arabic sweets and cookies
  • A restraint choice of fruits
  • Honey and corn flakes
The annoying thing: This business lounge in located before reaching the duty free. In case you want to buy any goods from the first floor, you would have to go back down by stairs. Annoying!
Note: Please correct the word welcome, spelt "Wlcome" on the internet password papers.
The space is claustrophobic, dark and with no access to any window. The lounge is enough for an hour before moving up to the duty free before boarding. It's not that I don't recommend it but it's clearly not the best of lounges I have experienced.





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