November 12, 2017 Bekaa Lebanon Middle East

Al Rayess: Tasty Sandwiches in the Heart of Chtaura (Restaurant Closed)

Last year while walking around Hamra, I discovered a funky place called Rayess. A red and yellow kiosk occupying the entrance of this historical street, Al Rayess from Chtaura is in fact an authentic sandwicheria with touches of modernism. Visiting Chtaura, I gave the original location a try.


It’s young and fresh. Al Rayess has taken the simple labneh experience to a younger crowd by focusing on colors, fresh vibes, cleanliness and happiness in a professional atmosphere.

Have the labneh with vegetables in markouk bread, the halloum in toasted French bread and he ariche w assal. Great quality, delicious flavors, the joy of its creator felt in every bite.


I’m not sure if more detail is necessary, all you have to know is that I enjoyed it and will be coming back whenever I have the chance!


Kaak B Semsom: Creative Kaak in Zahle


P.F.Chang’s: I Love it; the Food; the Service...and the Red Velvet Cake!