July 13, 2014

Go Green Lebanon: Send it by Bike (Service Discontinued)

Roger Le Boulanger tells me about Deghri: "You know that you can ask for your bread to be delivered all over Beirut with Deghri?". I was curious to know what is Deghri until I watched their video. I immediately believed in their idea and think we should all give them a bit of support. DeghriMessengers provide Beirut's businesses with a carbon-neutral, customer-friendly delivery service they can rely on, and to prove that bicycles are faster, quieter and cleaner than all the cars and motorbikes crowding up our streets.

About Deghri: Deghri delivers things by bicycle. The service is fast, reliable and good value. Anything can be transported in the bikes carrying waterproof bags or in the heavy-duty cargo bike. The weight limit is 60kg.

Deghri messenger

Why bicycles?: First, it is the most practical choice. Bikes, we are not slowed down by traffic, so packages can guarantee to deliver on time.
"We care about our city, and don’t want to add to the congestion, noise and air pollution. We see the potential for a cleaner, safer urban environment in this city and believe bicycles have an important role to play. By sending your packages with Deghri, you are contributing to the development of a more sustainable urban transport culture".
Services & Prices:
  • Standard (3 hour) delivery: 9,000LL
  • Rush (1 hour express) delivery: 12,000LL
  • Same day delivery: 6,000LL
Bread, a tasty cake or maybe a kilo of nuts, let Deghri give you a hand.
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