April 17, 2020


Hey! What’s up? Did you recently buy an electric smoker? Or, do you have it in plans to buy an electric smoker? Or have you just ordered an electric smoker and you are trying to keep yourself busy until it arrives?

Don’t worry about your situation; this article is fully loaded with information you need to know about electric smokers. You will find it worth your time reading.

Honestly speaking many are always left tongue wagging after noticing the smoky smell of a delicious barbecue. But, how is this accomplished?

The only answer to this question at the moment is electric smokers. You will have a chance to make palatable foods specifically when dealing with meats.

Benefits of buying an electric smoker

There are multiple benefits to buying an electric smoker. Some of the benefits include:

  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Allowed in areas with a fire ban
  • You can easily cold smoke on
  • Little supervision
  • Run-on clean energy
  • Safer
  • Easy to clean
  • Low electricity consumption
  • Low residue

Easy to use

With an electric smoker, you don’t need to be a smoking expert. Even if you are a beginner, be sure the smoked meat will make your guests happy!

Using the electric smoker has a straightforward procedure and does not require any experience.


Electric smokers are cheaper as compared to their rivals. Price tag aside! It’s worth it for long-term use.

Allowed in areas with a fire ban

Electric smokers are permitted even after the fire ban being imposed. Others such as charcoal-burner are prohibited during a fire ban.

Charcoal burners may not be allowed in some apartments. Does this mean that you will never have time to smoke? Well, the only solution you may have is buying an electric smoker.

You can easily cold smoke on

You may love smoking different types of food, right? Then you are more likely to love electric smokers too.

You will be at liberty to cold smoke foods such as bacon or cheese through electric smokers. Dried meats and fish will be easy to prepare with an electric smoker.

You will also be able to buy cold smoker compartments that are compatible with your electric smoker.

Little supervision

You will have a humble time to participate in other activities as you smoke in an electric smoker. This is because you only set it and leave the food to smoke.

As opposed to its rivals such as charcoal and propane smoker, you will constantly monitor them to ensure the fluctuating fuel remain constant.

Run-on clean energy

Worried about contaminants that may be present in your food? When using electric smoker, expect nearly zero contaminants.

Electricity is a cleaner form of energy when compared to either charcoal or propane energy.


Your safety is guaranteed when using an electric smoker. More so, dangers involved while smoking in an electric smoker are minimal as compared to other smokers.

Easy to clean

Do you know that nearly all electric smokers are made of stainless steel? While smoking, you will realize that smoked food does not stick to the sides of the smoker.

This minimizes the time you will make cleaning the smoker after finishing the smoking process.

Low electricity consumption               

You may be wondering if electric smokers use a lot of electricity. The answer is a big NO.

Averagely majority of electric smokers use 800watts per hour. This estimates that you may use them without incurring high electric bills.

Low residue

Upon completing your smoking process, you will realize that there a fewer residues left behind. This is because electrical energy is more efficient as compared to charcoal or propane.

Important features to consider when buying electric smokers

You need to understand that an electric smoker just as the name suggests is electronic. You need to check on both pros and cons before buying one.

There are several specifications you will have in thoughts before opting for your preferred choice. If you are looking for a reliable electric smoker then find one through this link

However, you need to consider these features:

  • How the smoker is cleaned
  • Prefer the best brand
  • Size of the smoker
  • Cost
  • Tray and Tracks
  • Type of fuel

How the smoker is cleaned

It would be a good choice if you go for a smoker that is easy to clean and maintain. If the smoker is hard to clean then it may pose a danger to you and your loved ones.

The smoking environment needs to be clean to be safe for everyone.

Prefer the best brand

Electric smoker being electronic, it’s important to check on the brand. Several brands are well known for quality and durability.

Good research will let you know brands that offer long-lasting electric smokers.

Size of the smoker

In terms of size, it’s advisable to go for a medium-sized electric smoker. Small smokers will not be fit to prepare enough food for your family.

Choosing a large size smoker will result in raw foods. Medium-sized will be the best.


The price range of electric smokers is from $500 - $10000. This will be more expensive when compared to its rivals such as wood or charcoal-based smokers.

You need to have in mind that the price is worth the item. You only need to choose the smoker you can afford.

Tray and Racks

Trays and Tracks are more secure to use. You will also have time to put your meat on the trays and tracks before beginning to smoke.

Type of fuel

Gone are the days when wood and charcoal were used to fire up an electric smoker. The electric smokers will require few wood pieces to provide smoke as the remaining task is done by electric heaters.

You need to check on the type of fuel used by smokers. Opt to the ones that do not need much wood or charcoals.


You will love the electric smoker if you are a beginner, short of time and have several things to do.

Don’t get distracted with negative comments such as that they do not produce smoke rings and you will never get disappointed.

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