May 20, 2013 Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Améthyste Pool Lounge, Phoenicia Hotel Beirut

Summer is here and our favorite places are opening up for fabulous endless summer days and nights. Améthyste Pool Lounge opened its doors in Phoenicia Hotel Beirut. An exotic atmosphere reigned on this mythical place known for its long and glorious history and where the biggest stars were shinning. The guests were welcomed with exceptional hospitality: Hawaii hats and exotic cocktails of all colors were offered to everyone.
Even the most demanding guests have succumbed to the delights of the great cookers of the great Beirut Palace with a full and rich gastronomy variety:
  • A course that included a salad bar and a grill bar that made the ladies happy by seeing the freshest ingredients and the finest ones! Then a Japanese exotic variety of sushi prepared with great care by the team of japanese chefs were served.
  • A second course for the gourmands’ ones included New York style mini burgers and fries followed by the best meat and chicken Shawarma in town.
  • This was just the beginning of the mini world gastronomic tour in China and Asia, hosted by the famous team of Wok Wok! Then came the team of the Café Mondo who served delicious pasta and fresh salmon raviolis and all kinds of risottos as well! Last but not least, the team of Mosaic prepared the tastiest Lebanese plates: Kebbeh, meat, salmon and smoked fish.
  • Finally dessert is served! There was a great selection of local and international desserts (sweet pop corn, cotton candy, ice creams, crepes, all kind of knefeh, etc...)
And to make the evening an unforgettable one, a fishing rod game was installed near the pool so the guests can have fun, play and win lots of gifts put in baskets that floated on the water. The hotel DJ set the tone for the evening and a young music group sang the hottest tunes of the summer and the guests were dancing widely and happily under the stars of Phoenicia sky.
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