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An English House in the Heart of Iceland's Wild
Non-smokers friendly

You won’t expect that something like this exists in the middle of nowhere in Iceland. What am I talking about? Ensku Husin – a house, which looks exactly like a typical old English house cafe. This English house offers a view of the Langa river.


Unfortunately, the only thing I could enjoy were their cakes and coffee served in old style porcelain plates - five o'clock afternoon tea style.

Owned by the same family for more than a century. The family who own Ensku Husin now used to work in it a long time ago until they purchased the property. Open all year round, this old English house is a cafe, restaurant and hotel at the same time. Push open the door and walk into the welcoming area where a dining table occupies the left side and a living room occupies the right wing.

Ensku Húsin by Langá is one of the oldest former fishing lodges in Iceland and was used only by fishermen in the summer, from 1884 until the year of 1998 when it was turned into a guesthouse by Ragnheiður Jóhannesdóttir, Stefán Ólafsson and their family.

In the oldest part of the house there is a dining room, fly-tying corner, as well as the kitchen and storage rooms. On the second floor 3 bedrooms for 2 can be found with shared bathroom facilities. The lounge has been added to the oldest part and forms the West wing of the house whereas the East wing holds the main sleeping area of the house with 8 bedrooms for 2 persons, both with private and shared bathroom facilities.

If your goal is to unwind and relax, then sitting by the fireplace in the lounge, sipping on Icelandic Brennivín or a good cup of coffee, is a good way to start.

Dinner is prepared in the evening and is set up with a 2-3 course menu that is served that same evening, the meals are served at a long dining table in the dining room where guests enjoy their dinner together in an inviting and warm atmosphere.


Let me tell you more about it:

  • Built in the 19th century, it's still in perfect condition.
  • Lamb is served from their farms and fish bought from local fishermen.
  • The place is 6 kilometers away from the closest town called Borgarnes and 80 kilometers from the capital.


The Old English Fishing Lodge at the river Langá, is 6 km to the West of the small town of Borgarnes, about one hour drive from Reykjavík. The river area's beautiful surroundings are well suited for outdoor dwelling, in the summer as well as wintertime.

Sjávarfoss, the “sea waterfall” is just by the house and draws the line where the river’s freshwater and the salty waters of the ocean meet. There is only about a 5 minute walk up to Skuggafoss, “the waterfall of shadows”, a little further up in the river and 15 minute walk to Kattafossgljúfur. Even further up along the river is the waterfall Sveðja and there after Grenjadalur, a vallay with its beautiful land space and a view of Borgarfjörður and the Mýrar.

Sights in the vicinity of Ensku Húsin and worth paying a visit are for example Reykholt, where one can find amongst other things, Snorrastofa, a research centre for medieval studies and the history of Borgarfjörður. Húsafell is a place with an interesting history and Deildartunguhver, the largest thermal spring in Iceland. Surtshellir (Surt’s Cave) is one of the deepest caves in Iceland and is situated only about 14 km from Húsafell.


You surely won't come to Iceland to stay in the capital. Plan a trip of discoveries around the country and this place is one of those hidden spots to visit.

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