August 22, 2017 Beirut Central District Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Angelina's Famous Mont Blanc: A Beirut Favorite!
Non-smokers friendly
Sweet Tooth

Phone Number: +961 1 990992

Address: Foch Area, Saad Zaghloul Street, Downtown, Beirut, Lebanon ( 09AM - 10PM)


Price Range: 35-60 $

One of my favorite desserts is Angelina's Mont Blanc, a creation that can't be described in just a few words but must me enjoyed, ingredient by ingredient, flavor by flavor, bite after bite... This piece of creation has nothing to do with any Mont Blanc you know or have tried in Lebanon or the world.  Angelina's Chestnut Puree Vermicelli Tower is definitely one of the main and important things to try while when craving a nice dessert. The Mont Blanc is a meringue base piled with extrusions of chestnut purée and filled with whipped cream.


Tasting the Mont Blanc... The first words I said were "Oh My God", the first expression I made is "scream and whistle". A fairy tale, a mouthwatering cake, a superb, tasty and real extravaganza. Creamy yet light, fresh and airy the full bodied macaron cream is so good! Crunchy meringue, a certain madness, equilibrium... I don't know what to say or how to say it.

This creation is simply outstanding: The crème de marron “spaghetti” on the outside is wonderfully textured and flavored – full of chestnut goodness and neither too moist nor too dry, neither too creamy nor too gritty, and neither too sweet nor too bitter, as some other Mont Blanc’s can be. My favorite part is the vanilla crème within that melts like butter activating all your taste buds. Yum. And the meringue heart provided a good measure of crispy/crunchy fun, with an added kick of sweetness. That's what I call pure fantasy.

If you didn't try Angelina yet... please do!

Suitable For: Sweet Tooth





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