June 26, 2017 Mount Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

High Sweet: The Signature Dessert Made in Moukhtara
Sweet Tooth

In the village of Moukhtara is a small shop, a linen shop which sells premium sweets: yes, you heard right, a shop selling linen and home goods called "Optex" has one of the mountains best signature sweets...and one creation in particular left me amazed.


Take the road up the mountain to Lebanon's best preserved historical district and reach the village of Mokhtara, el Chouf where three major food attractions await. The traditional bread, Salim's Labneh and High Sweet's unique treats.

I called it "Ward el Mokhtara", a piece of sweet dough made of mahlab, butter, sugar and flour, soaked in sugar syrup and sprinkled with sesame seeds. The many layers crumbling one after the other under as you bite will instantly put a smile on your face. Wait until you've tried her other varieties... High Sweet also has Zlebiyeh - hard and soft - alongside a selection of healthy treats.


The tradition: have a coffee before discussing anything. Shopping comes after.

High Sweet Moukhtara 

Tel: (+961 5 311 290) (+961 3 150 799)

Suitable For: Sweet Tooth


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