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Asma Restaurant Brings Exciting New Concept of Middle Eastern Cuisine to Dubai Mall

Mom’s the word couldn’t be more apt when it comes to the new best-kept secret on the Dubai restaurant scene. Initiated by three Emirati sisters whose passion and love for food was passed on from their mother; “Asma” is set to open its doors end of December in Dubai Mall.

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The new dining experience is set to excite the taste buds by placing a contemporary twist on Middle Eastern cuisine, bringing the rich flavors of Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, and Syria to food lovers, inspired by the region’s rich ingredients. 

With culinary traditions steeped in history, fresh ingredients, flavorsome spices, and cooking techniques passed down through generations, Asma restaurant brings together the old and the new, playing testament to the unique cultures that inspired the Emirati sisters during their childhoods.

Using only the finest and freshest ingredients, Asma will excite the unique Dubaian palette that brings back the memories of home-cooked meals to locals and expats alike.

From the moment you enter, you have a vista of the conceptual ‘courtyard’ beyond the counter, a curved banquette with greenery and multi-layered illuminated panels.

The materiality throughout is tactile, textured and balanced. It has a retained light, open feel throughout, while still framing each experience through layers of screening and structure.

Asma’s mouth-watering menu reflects influences from the Gulf to destinations in the Mediterranean Sea, including taste bud tingling plates like Asma’s Arayes, Musakhan, and Beetroot Labneh, cooked with passion and personality, and main courses that range from the freshest seafood like Sea Bream Chermoula, Octopus and Smoked Tomato Prawns to tender meat like Lamb Cutlets, Meat Shakshuka and the famous Middle Eastern Kebab cooked the unique ‘Asma’ way. For those with room for more, the dessert menu offers up a fusion of delicious flavor like the Saffron Knafe, Caramelized Pineapple, Turkish coffee Ice cream and Spicy Chocolate mousse that will leave appetites truly satisfied.

With a seating capacity of up to 100 people, guests will experience a casual sharing and jovial dining atmosphere, full of nostalgia along with the sisters’ interesting modish twist.

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