June 02, 2020 Bekaa Lebanon Middle East

BACK TO THE ROOTS: Produce from the Land. Agriculture in Ras Baalbeck: Fresh Natural Products

A healthy body is a healthy mind. A healthy mind is a happy person. A happy person is everything! You need to take care of your body as though it is your own child, listen to it, and feed it what it needs. Eat and live from and with nature.

Ras Baalbek (Arabic: رأس بعلبك‎) is a village in the northern Beqaa Valley in Lebanon. Notable features include the monastery of "Our Lady of Ras Baalbek" (Deir Saidat ar-Ras) and two Byzantine churches. One church is in the centre of the village and the other lies to the east where some other ruins can be found that are alleged to be the remains of a Roman aqueduct. Inhabitants of the village have confirmed it was once called "Connaya," suggesting a link to the ancient settlement of Conna, mentioned in the work of Antonius. It is also 500 metres west of a Neolithic rock shelter called Ras Baalbek.





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